Same Old Scavenge (w/ write-up)

Oisin 222

Here is my take on travisrchance's excellent Dirty Hands 3.0 deck. I have only made a few changes that reduce its responsiveness to increase its consistency. These changes make the deck a bit more novice friendly (fewer decisions) while getting a bit more productivity out of Exile's identity (more recursion).

First, I wanted to play 3 Femme Fatale instead of 2 Femmes and a Mimic. While this means that I am paying 4 to break an Architect (ouch), it gives me more quality targets for my Scavenges.

Second, I want to get a bit more mileage out of Exile's ability, so I have squeezed in 2 Same Old Thing. These replace Escher (which is amazing with the Cyber-Cypher and Femme--throw ice around and then get into R&D for 3 credits late game) and the Rachel Beckman (I play against a lot of Snares!). Paying two clicks to fire off a Freelance Coding Contract late in the game is never a bad play; paying two clicks to play a "4th" Scavenge can set up a run on a remote. Etc. Most games I have played, I JUST WANT MOAR SCAVENGE.

Third, I replaced Grappling Hook with Retrieval Run. This is a hard call--since Grappling Hook gives another way to get through a surprise Archer, or a way to beat a Janus. Originally, I had squeezed in a Crescentus to combo with the Hook, shutdown a problematic piece of ice, and/or clear the path into R&D. Without it, and Sharpshooter, one must always, always know where the Faerie is and have a way to go get it in case of emergencies. If you play against a lot of Archer's or Toybox's, then I would say -1 Retrieval Run, -1 SoT/Leprechaun and +2 Crescentus is probably a good call.

But in exchange for this extra caution, you get one more way to 1) cheap a Femme back into play, 2) get a D4vid back, or 3) get an SMC out of the heap. Playing this card early in the game can get the corp to waste valuable ice on archives; or, late in the game, it can be a Femme for 3 credits. In his write-up, travis argues that Exile: Streethawk makes more sense than Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker: I think that argument becomes obviously stronger the more you can play cards from the heap: hence Same Old Thing and Retrieval Run.

Fourth, Nerve Agent and the extra influence from Rachel Beckman became a Sneakdoor Beta. This could also be a second Faerie. Or an Imp. Or a Medium. My thoughts: because this deck puts such incredible pressure on R&D and remotes, the corp usually ignores Archives. Perhaps, if they see a Retrieval Run and an Same Old Thing, they might put a piece of ice there. But they won't actually want to rez it, and probably won't have the credits to do so. A surprise Sneakdoor can give 2-3 absolutely free runs on the hand late in the game (install - scavenge a Femme/run - run - run). Additionally, it probably requires that the corp invest some/more/better ice on Archives. Run one more time, make them waste credits, Scavenge the Sneakdoor into something useful (hey, another Lady!), and carry on. There's been many match-ups when I could just ignore the hand and wish this was an Imp to go trash some assets. There's a lot of times that I can get into R&D (even when it is 4 ice deep) for 5 money. A Medium would pile up really, really fast. But I want to have some way to pressure the hand, even if it isn't standard "multi-access."

Fifth, I squeezed in a second Leprechaun to help with MU issues. This is a novice crutch: there's many times I want to Clone Chip an SMC to go grab a Cyber-Cypher, but don't have the MU to install the SMC. Having a Leprechaun in play allows me a lot more flexibility with SMC late in the game. Often, I will have a Magnum out from 1st/2nd turn, two femmes out, and then a Leprechaun with an SMC and a Cyber-Cypher on it. Two Leprechauns mean I don't really care about whether I see my Astrolabe (and I almost wonder if I shouldn't just run 3 Leprechaun here to increase the credits on Freelance Coding Contract--but Astrolabe is just so good against so many corp decks).

Sixth, since I have the extra recursion, I am playing around with one Torch in place of a second Cyber-Cypher. This is probably a huge mistake, since there's no way I am going to want to use a Clone Chip or an SMC to grab it, but I cannot resist the temptation of a Torch for 3 credits.

I still hate Inti, but it is still here to deal with the obvious: Wraparound and Ice Wall. I want to make this another Cerberus "Lady" H1, or even a Snowball, but that puts more economic pressure on the deck vs. FA--if I cut the Mimic, then I don't think I can also afford to cut the Inti. Unfortunately.

14 Feb 2015 travisrchance

@Oisin Thanks for the mention! I think you will quickly realize SoT is pretty meh in this deck. I played 1 FOREVER because people just love damage decks in my meta, but, after losing it to errant hits in a number of games, I realized I just don't need to always Levy. You will be playing a tad more conservative against Jinteki anyway. I understand you want more Scavenging tricks, but at 3 clicks (count installing the SoT), that is a very steep cost when there are many ways for the deck to weasel around with programs.

I would also point out that 3 Femmes, while neat, is a lot. You will never get/want 3 on the table. Test Run is there to find a copy and get it to work.

I played Crescentus in the second iteration of the deck and it just doesn't do enough really. You won't be wanting to spend a Chip or Test Run on it. You already can encounter MU issues. I wish it worked better, but, alas.

Perhaps you should play 1 Deja over the Retrieval. Sure, you don't get to cheat in $$$ programs, but it lets you get back Levy and Scavenge a little easier and is more versatile.

You want two Ciphers. The issue is that you may be in run with SMC and need to get the right breaker. If Cipher is in the heap, and you don't have another, I am confident you won't be paying 11 to put Torch out. The inverse can happen when you have only Chip and no SMC. This is why I play the Inti--it is a cheap in the run solution to a very common problem.

Thanks again! Glad you like the deck!