Quinns' Tier 1.1 Gagarin Deck

Quinns 1920

Patch Notes

This is based on my Tier One Gagarin deck from last week! After a couple of days of testing, it turned out that that deck may not have been tier one.

This new one is, obviously.

Chronos Project has replaced the other 1 point agendas because it annoys 80% of runners 100% more than either Firmware Updates or Superior Cyberwalls. Now Anarchs are back in the meta, try it. It's huge.

Constellation Protocol is back, and might even be the MVP of the deck. When you've got rezzed and unrezzed cosmic Ice on the board, it's giving you a click every single turn. I'm not exaggerating at all.

The last version struggled to rez San Sans, so now we've got more economy, two more Ash 2X3ZB9CY and two GRNDL Refinery to bait the runner into your scoring remote.

Most importantly, the deck struggled for early game Ice. It now has Architect, Enigma and Caduceus.

14 Feb 2015 Exo

This seems a real legitimate upgrade from the previous version but I have one thing that I might think would be better. What do you think about Sea Source instead of a one of Data Raven?

14 Feb 2015 Quinns

I think that's strong. Maybe I'd swap the Data Raven for another Caduceus to keep up the Ice count, then replace one of the Roots with the SEA.

14 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

Have you thought about using Posted Bounty as your 1 pointer it would mean you can keep the data raven and still have another way to tag them activating your scorched and with 3x ash i would think you could keep it safe easy enough.

15 Feb 2015 Oisin

I love Constellation Protocol, no one ever wants to trash it for 4 (let alone 5). I've not played with The Root, but, man, 6 to rez? It seems like you would want Shell Corporation in that slot. Yes, it is slow, but it can go in your scoring server. Maybe? Or is The Root that good?

15 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Oisin In my experience yes The root is that good it's been a staple card in my Weyland decks since it came out. Think of it more as a 3 cost since you won't res it less you can use it immediately so it actually only cost 3 to res really.

16 Feb 2015 Sojourne

hm ditching the scorches might be a good idea, considering you have went down to a raven, and Ravens are usually not that useful for the scorched path. Replace with more caduceus if early game ice is a problem?

16 Feb 2015 Quinns

We removed the Scorches last night and replaced them with more upgrades and the deck just took off.

Gonna hunker down and work on it for a while before I publish a new version, but we're on to something now.

16 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Quinns Interesting seems somewhat i dunno not inconceivable but strange "almost wrong" not run Weyland without Scorched. I guess runner's are still going to be wary of it though even if it's not their.

16 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

Just realized that's a double negative. You know what i mean tho am just incapable of writing in English :)

16 Feb 2015 voltorocks

@Quinns what new upgrades? loving the deck so far, but I have yet to realistically threaten the scorch (getting atlases is hard, and I can never seem to justify using them on raven). Really wanna try the "vegan" version!

16 Feb 2015 Quinns

Ahhhh, I don't want to say anything. I'm still embarrassed that the Deck of the Week is so janky. I'm gonna get about 20 games in, refining the new version, before I say anything. :)

17 Feb 2015 Dread Sovereign

Swap astroid belt for fire wall, same credit investment, one can be increased in size, the other can't

17 Feb 2015 Lyrael

You know Quinns, what I've been playing around with Weyland decks in general, and Gagarin in particular, and for me, a couple cards that have tested well:

The biggest one is probably Isabel McGuire, for a couple reasons. First is that she's a less powerful version of the Blue Sun ability. The things you can do with Blue Sun's ability are a lot, and I feel that Weyland needs the ability to bounce cards, because it helps turn your ice back on that's been nullified, and allows you to do things that Blue Sun can do, like turn Private Contracts into a melange that protects itself for 5 (and rezzes for free with The Root), allows you to basically pay 2 and two clicks (one to play Elizabeth Mills, one to use Isabel to bounce) to remove a bad pub, which isn't great, but it is fine, because you can recur that near endlessly if you need to. And you will need to, because any bad pub you have turns Gagarin's ability off.

Second is actually IT Department because it messes with Atman, and if you advance it high enough, it can effectively protect itself behind one ice (particularly since you have Isabel McGuire to help with any Femme/Knight shenanigans).

Of course, while not ideal as one-ofs, you can get away with it because of Executive Boot Camp (which I've run as at least a 2-of). This card is key to help your matchup against your Blackmail matchup (particularly annoying out of Valencia).

Its your deck, but the one card whose absence I notice most is Crisium Grid. Because while it might not help you win matchups, Eater + Keyhole / Wanton Destruction is definitely a thing, and it helps turn off other cards like Account Siphon.

17 Feb 2015 cloud66

Nice deck, but I'm not sure how you can survive siphoons, indexing, legworks, maker's eyes and other deadly stuff during the first turns. Cosmic ice is nice, but it takes time to rez it and you only have 5 cheap etr pieces of ice here.

17 Feb 2015 voltorocks

@cloud66 in my experience you usually don't need rezzable ICE to stop these kinds of effects early - many decks are unwilling to risk their valuable tools on face down ICE.

Also, IAA on space ICE makes it rezzable turn 1.

Last but not least, Smart runners consider data raven ETR until they have a breaker - letting raven get a counter turn 1 is basically signing your own death warrant against any weyland.

17 Feb 2015 cloud66

@voltorocks well, in my experience you do actually need early rezzable ice. At least in my meta if you can't survive the first turns then you're done. Weyland is not Jinteki, there are no problems for the runner to run on face down ice with no breakers installed, then tutor/install breaker they need to siphoon/legwork or whatever else.

IAA on space ice surely makes it rezzable turn 1, but that costs the corp 3 clicks + 5 credits in total, also leaving a central without ice.

Lastly, tag me runners don't really care for data raven. Runners who do care for it can just keep the credits/links for the trace, run for multiple access and then remove the tag. Also, there's only one data raven in this deck.

17 Feb 2015 voltorocks

I agree with your last 2 points - it definitely is an ICE-light deck, so there's going to be a turn or two where you're a little vulnerable. Played a few games with this deck and slight variations and I haven't been burned too bad yet, but it's definitely true that the first turn or 2 are when you're most vulnerable.

as to your first point, if they run on you without one of these powerful events, simply don't rez the ICE. It's rare that a single access to HQ or RnD early on costs you the entire game. what I'm saying is that most runners won't risk wasting an indexing, legwork, or account siphon if you might just rez an icewall or quandary. and until you rez the ice, it might still be an icewall or quandary.

If the players in your meta are regularly throwing their events at mystery ICE they don't know if they can break, then yeah, you should probably play a deck that can take advantage of their poor play, because this isn't that deck.

17 Feb 2015 cloud66

Yeah I see what you're saying, but sometimes these kind of events can be thrown at mystery ice even just for forcing the corp to rez that ice.

Anyway, my point was just that in my experience if you don't have enough early rezzable ice there are just too many ways you can lose everything in the early game, considering mulligans and unlucky draws as well

1 Mar 2015 Romain

@Quinns Brilliant deck. I think it is missing 1 key card that synchronises well with the identity power: Manhunt

4 Mar 2015 noise42

@Quinns any news on the new version w/o scorched?

5 Mar 2015 michellanger

@Quinns any news on the new version w/o scorched? [2]

15 Mar 2015 Dloaf

I've been playing this with my son and his/my Andromeda slow burn deck. All the single subroutine ice, advanced or not succumbs do D4v1d easily. Then he plays uninstall and loads it up again.

Otherwise it's been fun to play with. Constellation protocol and the pad campaign are good for auto econ.

18 Mar 2015 sartori

Have you tried RSVP in your scoring remote?

18 Apr 2015 EXE

Still no update? Really want to see what you found on this one. Especially, what upgrades you went with?

18 Apr 2015 Quinns

Real soon. I've got a regional tomorrow and some tournament organising to do, so I'll post it after I've sorted that.

3 Jun 2015 formerteen

@Quinns you posted this on valentine's day :')