ain 6

17 Feb 2015 Bananifier

Stimhack works very well with Personal Workshop too!

17 Feb 2015 DarkMite2

If Opus is going to be your econ engine, you should consider adding in 2 more, so you don't have to tutor for it. I would cut 2x Dirty Laundry for it.

18 Feb 2015 ain

@Bananifier Yeah, but I don't feel like I have the space for it and I don't want to install that many programs.

@lroach2 Well I will only use it in certain match-ups and only in the late game. Early game I want to keep up the momentum, that's why I use the PPvP econ + Stimhack.

18 Feb 2015 ain

-2 Cerberus "Lady" H1, -2 Plascrete Carapace

+1 Snowball, +2 Same Old Thing +1 Levy AR Lab Access

Lady has proven unreliable without Scavenge support, maybe I will go for 1 Lady, 1 Snowball in the future. Plascrete Carapace is obsolete with Magnum Opus.

Same Old Thing and Levy to give the deck staying power when the game is drawing out.

18 Feb 2015 DarkMite2

-2x Plascrete. You are one brave runner... lol! Thanks to O&C every Corp deck in my meta runs some way to to Meat Damage. GL! =)

21 Feb 2015 ain

The logic is that the deck can run fast enough to secure an early lead, which gives you breathing room to gather credits with MO. At some point the corp has to abandon the Scorched Earth/Punitive plan, because they can't trace you.