Bagbiter Andy (Who cares about Brain Damage?)

Makai 89

Fun deck to play once it gets going, and thanks to Andy's starting hand size it actually gets going faster than you would expect.

It hinges around the three card combination of The Supplier, Theophilius Bagbiter and Kati Jones with support from Savoir-faire to install cards mid-run when using Stimhack (or not, invariably you'll have a ton of money either way).

Phase 1 is getting Kati Jones up to around 9 credits (less is fine if you have a Sure Gamble in hand) and installing Theophilius Bagbiter either directly or through The Supplier. You don't want to have too much money at this point so hold on to your Sure Gambles and Daily Casts if possible since you're going to lose it all. Once Bagbiter is installed unload Kati and you should be good to go onto...

Phase 2: Draw like crazy. Earthrise Hotel is going to be bringing in the cards while Daily Casts, Sure Gamble and Kati will be bringing in the money to keep your hand size large. Get Savoir-faire down (if you haven't already) and use Stimhack credits to install and pay for your breakers.

A few other notes about how to pilot the deck:

  • Unless you have a ton of credits (20 plus, which you will eventually get to) try not spend them on runs. Stick to Stimhack for you in-run credits.

  • Try to have your R&D and HQ interfaces before making central runs as you won't be making many runs so you need to make them count.

  • You do not care about brain damage. I've had upwards of 8 brain damage at one time (from Stimhacks and Cerebral Overwriters) and it does not slow this deck down one bit (you just need to hold on to 1 credit per brain damage and you're fine). Do keep an eye so you don't lose all of your breakers to damage though.

  • Same Old Thing for Stimhacks but keep at least one for your Levy AR Lab Access. You will deck yourself, especially against Jinteki PE. I used to run a Gordian Blade instead of the Levy, but got annoyed at constantly getting decked against a PE heavy meta.

17 Feb 2015 dodgepong

As someone who has played against this deck, it's hilarious to see Bagbiter come out and then proceed to actually win against all your ICE. Savoir-faire is a great include, akin to Criminal SMC.

Do you think a Day Job might fit in here for that last influence!

17 Feb 2015 dodgepong

Uh, that should have been a ? at the end. Carry on.

17 Feb 2015 Makai

More than money what I feel this deck really needs is more card draw. So a Quality Time might be preferable, especially against kill decks. I'm usually sitting on about 20 creds and 8-9 cards which might seem fine, but after a stimhack run where you install a breaker you're suddenly down to 5-6 cards and within Double-Ronin or (for a very rich corp) SEA/Scorched range.

18 Feb 2015 Glitch

This deck looks hilariously fun to play! I'm also impressed that none of the typical Criminal events are in here. I'm definitely sleeving this up and giving it a whirl. This is the first Criminal deck I've seen since C&C that has made me want to play the faction.

+1 internets for you today, sir!

18 Feb 2015 tonybluehose

Does the Box-E give you +2 to Mr. Bagbiter's condition? i.e., Bagbiter + 2 or is it the other way around Box-E (+2 grip size) and then Bagbiter overrides.

Side note--the Box-E card breaks the "game flavor" by saying "hand size" instead of "grip." :-)

I want to read more about people's experiences with this thing...seems really cool!

18 Feb 2015 dodgepong

Box-E gives you +2 hand size in addition to Bagbiter, so if you had Box-E and 10 credits, your hand size is 12.

18 Feb 2015 tonybluehose

and if you had zero credits, your hand size would be 2...which is a nice little fail-safe should bad things happen.

18 Feb 2015 Makai

@Glitch Thanks, that's the best compliment a deck can receive!

@tonybluehose In a pinch you can also trash Fall Guy for extra credits to keep your hand size.

Komainu has been the biggest challenge for this deck so far as it forces you to keep your grip size small or pay a ton of creds to get past.

I also forgot to mention how important it is to get The Supplier in your starting hand or Hostage early for it as it has a huge impact on this deck's economic efficiency.

18 Feb 2015 Glitch

@Makai have you thought about trying to fit Faerie in here to deal with Komainu? I'd personally take out both copies of Garrote and a single Box-E to fit 3 Faerie into the deck.

18 Feb 2015 kyledoesntknow

Clearly needs Ekomind.

19 Feb 2015 tonybluehose

I know that switchblade needs a bunch of components, but it turns Komainu into a non-issue...Fairie is probably a solid solution too, but I'm a fan of that dang knife.

19 Feb 2015 Vanadium

Femme Fatale turns Komainu into nothing at all, if you can get her token on it...perhaps find a way to fit Scavenge or something in to reset Femme or Lady?

19 Feb 2015 Makai

@Glitch I hadn't really considered Faerie because of the lack of program recursion. I'd be a bit worried about having to rely on Femme as my long-term killer, but it definitely might be worth a shot.

@kyledoesntknow I want to like Ekomind and I've seen a lot of other Bagbiter decks try using it but I personally think it's not very good for this deck. It has a fairly expensive rig and Ekomind just gives the corp new ways of blowing that rig up. If the memory limit was equal to your hand size and not the number of cards in your grip, maybe then, but I'd still be hard pressed to use it. The +2 memory from Box-E is already good enough anyway.

@tonybluehose Switchblade would be pretty cool in this deck since you're usually only making one strong run a turn anyway. But yeah, it might end up adding even more moving pieces to a deck that's already got quite a few of them. Would be cool to give it a try though. Would be even more awesome if Stimhack credits were also stealth credits. ;)

19 Feb 2015 Makai

@Myth Oh wow, I completely forgot about that Femme let's you bypass Komainu for 0 credits. I've been playing that encounter all wrong!

Scavenge would be nice to reset the Cerberus "Rex" H2 also, I just have no idea where I'd find the influence for it.

19 Feb 2015 Vanadium

Err yeah, I meant Rex, not Lady. Had the wrong Cerberus card in mind. And yeah, influence is a problem. Perhaps dump a single corroder, but that hurts to do...

27 Feb 2015 casteffens

Looks beautiful. Will try it Saturday in our monthly constructed tournament. Government Takeover is big in our meta so I am hoping the increased hand size will help protect against it.

4 Mar 2015 vor_lord

Ok, it has to be asked -- Game Day?

5 Mar 2015 Makai

I'd love to try Game Day on this deck. I have no idea where I'd find the influence for it though.