Rookie's Professor of R&D Pain

Rookie Jr 26

The Idea with the professor is to tutor up the programs you need a hit R&D as hard as you can, with Medium and Keyhole. Accessing as much as you can, using clone chips to create re-occurance with your dogs and david to blitz a fast path into R&D .

This deck is sitting at 28 points of influence.

18 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

As someone who's played with the prof a fair bit id say firstly your not using your influence 1 point int a lot but its a card that can turn the tide look at stuff like Stimhack or the shards.

Secondly i wouldn't rely on the dogs as a main breaker they may work well as a back up but really u need that recursion for Faerie, D4v1d, Deus X, Parasite, Self-modifying Code ect. and you have infinite influence get some stuff like Morning Star in their for breakers.

It seems odd that your running Sneakdoor Beta but no Nerve Agent.

I don't want to put you off the prof few enough people run him as it is, he can be strong and a really good runner. But you need to squeeze the most out of him for that.

20 Feb 2015 Rookie Jr

Thanks for the feedback Pink Warrior, You make some really good points. I was building this deck as a concept excercise. You've made some really good suggestions, and you are right Nerve agent is missing.

I would really like to see the dogs work, but realistically getting all three is difficult anywhere except professor.