Dydra's Hive 0.99

Dydra 2773

So this is my Hivemind deck after I played a bunch of games yday with slightly different version. A few conclusions that I came to are ( which will explain a few of my card choices):

1) Deja Vu is really important. 2 Are not enough and if somehow my Darwin gets nailed (and Hivemind) you must always be able to recur them. That's why the SoT is there as well.

2) I really wanna try the combo between Deep thought and Gravedigger. Considering the amount of times that my Hivemind is up with 3 tokens, I feel it will be a huge advantage.

3) I found out there are very few things to sell in this deck, without breaking your rig and lowering options. Cache obviously and Imp .... I played with 1 Imp and I never dared to trash him with Aesop, because he was always available with with Hivemind Counters. That's why I use 2 Imps instead of one in this Version. Also that's why I decided to get the 2 influence for Deep Thought from the 3rd Aesop.

4) Parasite .... Sorry, but the pleasure of melting down a tollbooth in 1 turn WHILE milling a card is just too good. I don't know if the correct amount is 2 or 3 , but parasite is a must in a Hivemind deck for me.

18 Feb 2015 Glitch

The deck looks pretty awesome as is, so I really only have a couple of questions and minor suggestions.

1) In your experience, have you ever found that playing with 3 Virus Breeding Ground makes Incubator almost overkill? I've played against this sort of a deck a few times and never saw a turn where I thought that Incubator is needed. Maybe I was missing something or my opponent was just having a great game, I'm not sure.

2) With your admittance that you don't have very many targets for Aesop's Pawnshop, have you thought about switching it with Clone Chip for some extra Parasite recursion?

3) Have you tried a more burst draw option with Inject over Earthrise Hotel? I love/hate seeing explosive turns with this style of deck, especially with a bunch of recursion. Plus, with the amount of programs in your deck, it will more than likely give you a small amount of econ which is always nice.

Again, these are just minor suggestions and questions. Since this style of Noise deck is still pretty new I'm always curious to see what people have tried and their experiences with it.

18 Feb 2015 paddosan

I'm trying something very similar, Hivemind allows such shenanigans that it would be a crime not to try it out!

I agree with you on the importance of Déjà Vu, there are some key cards you absolutely need or you're left with just a janky deck. Having only an AI icebreaker can be risky after all, now that Eater is making Swordsman popular!

On the few games I've played, I too noticed there's not much that can be freely sold in a deck like this. That's why I'm having economy problems...

I see you use Day Job, but I'm worried about spending an entire turn while I might already be sorta lagging behind the runner. Did you ever felt it wasn't worth it?

How do you see Surge for this deck?

After moving a virus counter from Virus Breeding Ground, you can use it to get some more and effectively make Chakana active, for example.

18 Feb 2015 Dydra

1) In the games I'd play, I'd be often be at 1 Virus Breeding Ground simply not hitting the others. In those cases having that Incubator was crucial, because it allowed me to choke the timing of my opponent. He was playing a Fast-Advance deck and drawing the right pieces, wiping my Chakana counters and going for fast advance in the next turn (while Chakana was at 2 counters) proved that he could win against me. Since you will have Djinn for sure, being able to support yourself in such clutch timings is great. Also, it allows for some explosive turns and tons of damage

2) Although admitting there aren't many targets for Aesop's Pawnshop ... he provides crucial part-time econ, between hitting Day Job and installing your Cyberfeeder. Having him there to net you 6 or 7 instead of the 3-4 which Cache gives is quite important. Also, being able to surge with 3c by saccing some useless at the game state virus, so you can make a winning move is important as well ( for example sac your Gravedigger so you go in for 5-6 counters Medium play).

I like the clone chips, I just don't know if this deck can play without Aesop and Daily casts both.

3) I have not tried Inject, but in all honesty I feel good on the econ and knowing that my Viruses have went in the trash without causing a mill from the corp makes me sad :(

Cards that I want to include are - Showing Off perfect finisher

18 Feb 2015 Dydra


Day Job didn't make me feel like I was lagging behind the runner. I spent an entire turn , gladly, because having 10c and 1-2 Cyberfeeder is all the cache Noise needs for next 3 or 4 turns (considering u don't run often)

Also being able to get u there from 2c, rather than 5 for Sure Gamble or 6 for Liberated Account is really big. Like ... a lot ... for Noise at least

I want Surge badly ... but ... deckspace ... maybe if I decide that 2x Virus Breeding Ground and 1x Incubator is enough to squize in one Surge for the 3rd VBG ... or get out the 2nd Imp ... something like that

Regarding the Darwin , yeah, I expect that he will get cut-off by some Swordsman somwhere .... if you have space to get in a Mimic go for it :) but I can't ... considering all those viruses that I want to play :) I just hope that I have my Déjà Vu or Same Old Thing when the Darwin goes

19 Feb 2015 v01d

This list very interesting and, I was wondering, in your experience is Cache still more efficient than Gorman Drip v1 in this kind of deck?

19 Feb 2015 Dydra


It is and I feel it is necessary, because the Gorman Drip v1 can really shine only once Hivemind gets going ... and again opponent usually doesn't let you go much over 3-4 counters on Hivemind, so you have to assume that even with the Hivemind out the Gorman will net you 3-4c the most.

Optimal play I found for Gorman Drip v1 is to get it out early (prior Hive setup) if possible and let it restrain them a bit. If they ignore it and it goes for 5-6 counters sac it and get the credits. Recur and put back again once Hive is setup.

Cache on the other hand provides you with 3-to-7 c bursts while milling and instant speed, which you need considering you don't run Daily Casts or Sure Gamble :)