Gagarin Deck

ianmalcom 3

20 Feb 2015 darwindeez

I've been running a 2-Ash Gagarin with a similar agenda spread with 3x PAD 1x Marked. I went for the 2x Veterans Program (Valencia hate) instead of the Chronos Project, since bad pub totally negates the ID ability. I guess you're having more problems with MaxX though? Seems like you'd want Executive Boot Camp to work with that Constellation Protocol, no? And at least have some anti-Valencia tech? Does Constellation Protocol work with Tyrant while it's unrezzed? Seems like it might since 'moving an advancement token' is different than advancing? Kinda like Shipment from SanSan? I wonder. I can't get Ash-Gagarin to be good, but I do love it.

1 Mar 2015 Fassbinder

Tyrant can't be advanced while unrezzed, Constellation Protocol can only transfer to a piece of ice that can be advanced - so no, they don't combo unfortunately.