Express Train to Money Drain!

Fruggles 64


What do most Criminals do? They take your purse and your wallet, they shoot your parents dead in an alley out back of the theater, and they make their getaway through some shady business dealings with some greaseball named Mr. Li. Not this Kriminal.

Ken's got style. He's got flair. Seriously, look at that clone hair!

Ken always knew he was different. At first he thought it might be his unusual upbringing, but that thought was shortly followed by the realization that he's a clone and never had a childhood. So instead of sweating the small stuff and worrying about a "past" or a "life," Ken decided to start sweating some GNARLY Pheromones. In doing so, he discovered his natural talent to walk into Haas-Bioroid's Headquarters and have them pay for him to hack their servers. Whoops. Legend has it that Ken is still running to this very day, using the mighty corporations' tags to fund his rig, flying across the city on his express circuitry, eating through servers and staying in swanky places like the (in)famous Earthrise Hotel.



(Pronounced 'decknalysis')
Hey. got an event in hand? Make a run. Got desperado out? Make a run. Got an icebreaker? Make a run. This deck is the Light side of the force to Noise-Mill's Dark side of the force - you actually run as a runner. Running for 3-4 clicks a turn (Early Bird for 5 runs!) is not unheard-of in this deck, and if the corp is ice-starved or going horizontal, they're just boosting your economy exponentially* with the old Security Testing. Normally your early game can be pretty bursty with a lucky Account Siphon or some well-placed Dirty Laundry's - this should all tide you over into getting out your kit, but...

NOTE: This deck's strength is NOT necessarily in getting a full kit out. There are going to be a lot of games where you only have 1-2 icebreakers out for the first 10-15 turns. That's fine. Your goal in every game is to make the corp poor, keep him afraid of putting that agenda on the board for fear of not being able to afford the ice in front of it, or poor enough that when he does drop it and single/double advance, you can make him broke that turn and work a way into the server.

Ideally you get an early Eater + Pheromones + Datasucker and just start building your HQ-running engine. If they're wiping counters, it's because they've got the agendas in hand or because they're poor after rez-ing that Tollbooth in front of HQ which they think will keep you out without pheromone credits. Don't sweat that too much - At worst, Inside Jobs and Feints will get you back in to start rebuilding, or you'll have to spend a turn or two running security tests to build economy if you don't already have it. At best, Archives is open for Sneakdoor, or they're going to pop something in a remote, you're going to bypass ice or drop your actual icebreakers and use the economy you've been sitting on for 3 turns to embarrass them and steal their Silly Agendas.

The point: this deck is about controlling tempo. If you're playing with little money, it's because you're making them (or at least, should be) spend a ton of money to keep you both poor. When Blue Sun has 8 credits to your 5, that might seem to be in their favor until you remember that they're only running ice that costs 5 or more**, and you're sitting on 4 Datasucker tokens and an Inside Job. Who's the rich guy now?

Eventually you will have to swap out programs to get into that one pesky remote or central that is well protected, but at that point one or both of you is sitting on 5-6 points and it comes down to figuring out where the remaining agendas are and just riding that server hard. Furthermore, at this point your deck is really just there for soaking up damage. Get a Same Old Thing out for the Levy that's going to get meat or net damage'd away, and just run through the deck, using the run events for money where necessary, and otherwise soaking up damage.

Card Consideration

Previous version of this deck was running 2 Datasuckers and 3 Earthrise Hotels, but one of each was cut after I was convinced (shoutouts to Cory "I've got a lot of ideas for your deck, so now you can't decide how to build it" H. He's the worst†) to run a Data Leak Reversal and Plascrete Carapace.

VoicePAD over Public Terminal - 15 run events, 8 non-run events. But the important thing to remember is that 7 of those run events either cost me nothing or make me money (Thanks ken), so while the PADs are essentially 3 more money spent for setup, the savings down the road are much higher.
Feedback Filter - I'm in a Jinteki heavy meta. And apart from, as mentioned, using my deck as a meatshield, this is the only real option to deal with those decks.
Kati Jones/Sure Gamble/Money Cards - Did you read this write-up? Have you seen Ken? He's f***in loaded! He doesn't need your money! Every time he runs, he gets money. Every time he jumps on the net, there's money waiting for him to be used! Events? They're all ID-firing! Get your head in the game soldier! Where we're goin, we don't need money cards!
Sneakdoor - Can be an all-star, but very situational, and 2MU. Haven't decided if it's necessary yet (because...Eater, man. It's just so good)
Stimhack - I don't feel this needs any further explanation (This may or may not be an area-specific inside joke. Don't actually run stimhack in this deck. Probably. Maybe. Ross.)

*Studies show this growth to not actually be exponential.
**Further studies show that this might also be a slight exaggeration
†Not actually the worst.
Respond here or tweet @BrzinskiBear for suggestions/praise/to give me money. Really anything. Unless it's criticism.

20 Feb 2015 Hockmanm08

In my defence I suggest DLR and Plascrete to everyone ;)

22 Feb 2015 Fruggles

Changes to decklist since Posting: +Mimic +Yog +Datasucker -Femme -Vamp -Plascrete

Pretty local-meta-specific cuts/adds, but I think more consistent in the long-run. Plascrete probably goes back in for regionals.

23 Feb 2015 Fruggles

-Passport +Yog NOT -Femme