Leela Finds a Way MKE Store Champion - 13-1

aandries 1500

Leela just finds a way to win, have faith. Chips are down, doesn't matter. In the finals she went down 6-0 vs. NEH Grail and still managed to win. She simply owns the mid game if you set yourself up. If you're looking for a criminal deck that doesn't fly on autopilot, this is the one for you.

She went 13-1 over the Chicago Store Championship (30 Players) & Milwaukee Store Championship (14 Players).

22 Feb 2015 hypomodern

I love it: simple, straightforward, no tricks, just the ID and R&D lock inevitability. This is the deck my 2013 regionals Gabe wanted to be.

23 Feb 2015 aandries

My favorite turn was Blue Sun Over Sight AI Curtain Wall on R&D. Click 1: Install Sneak Door Click 2: Sneak Door Run into Agenda, bounce 1 HQ Ice. Click 3: Account Siphon Click 4: Shutdown Curtain Wall

23 Feb 2015 mmychal

Did you ever get to do anything amazing with the singleton Stimhack?

23 Feb 2015 aandries

Stimhack did work in both tournaments. It'll crush a San-San in what the NBN player thinks is about to be a window. Vs. RP I utilized it twice for R&D digs on game point (once natural, once on the SOT). After you include the Utopia Shard, you have the extra influence, and I like this add for the 1.

23 Feb 2015 CrimsonWraith

Love your card selections. I dropped my second Lucky Find last week for a Utopia Shard and Stimhack, loving the change so far.

23 Feb 2015 DarlingSensei

How is your match up against Astro Biotics? I'm getting pretty tired of being run over by the astro train...

23 Feb 2015 CrimsonWraith

Aggressive/Desperado Leela vs. AstroBiotics is an immensely entertaining match-up, one of my favorite to play. And while they're typically close, I've not lost a game with Leela against AstroBiotics since switching to Desperado. Then, my only losses have been against RP Glacier; AstroBiotics has never been the problem with this style of deck.

24 Feb 2015 aandries

Astrobiotics is a fine match-up for this deck. The Grail variant is a little tougher because of the program trash coming out of a barrier or a code gate, suddenly your faerie doesn't protect your programs and allow you to tax the corp with some early face checking. But that being said, it still can beat a grail (2-0 in these events) build. RP can be tough, but you have to know what to bounce. Usually you sit back and attack when they install advance, but instead of the remote you attack the centrals looking to hit an agenda and bounce that advanced Neisei back into HQ for a possible legwork, utopia, or just another hit with sneak door.

26 Feb 2015 kollapse

Been playing almost exactly this deck for a while now, and it really is a blast to play. Not being a fantastic runner I have had some trouble with RP, but that's mostly due to some inexperience playing against them. Desperado is definitely the correct console in a deck like this, and having Leela's ability together with the usual Criminal cards make's me doubt I'll ever go back to either Andy or Gabe.