Wausau NEH - MKE Store Champion

aandries 1500

Space Ice NEH deck based on the Madison winning deck (what I saw of it) that won the Madison, WI event. I would change the space ice to 3x Asteroid Belt and 1x Nebula (which I had right before the event), the reason is the MaxX deck spamming of parasites whittled down 6 pieces of ice leaving me on Wormhole w/ no subs multiple times.

23 Feb 2015 moistloaf

why the Rainbow include? an ETR for Wormhole that's resilient to Parasite?

23 Feb 2015 aandries

Exactly it's a Tax only ICE, almost always parked on R&D, pairs with the Wormhole and Parasite proof. I wanted something a little more annoying than another Quandary or Wall of Static. I always smiled when someone would install a Sentry breaker vs. this deck. They have to respect the Sentry even if they never see it.