Flatline Malarkey (NOT FAST-ADVANCE: All 5/3 Agendas)

benticurus 1676


An original NEH deck built around underplayed (or never played) cards like Primary Transmission Dish, Invasion of Privacy, and Power Grid Overload. It is somewhat of a theme deck, where the theme is constant annoying traces (the deck is built around Primary Transmission Dish).


(1) Install your drip economy and Primary Transmission Dishes when possible. Don't waste ice defending them.

(2) Build two remote servers, each with at least two ice. One iced server is for Reversed Accounts, the other is for scoring your agendas. The server for Reversed Accounts should have no more than two Rainbow 's or an Eli 1.0 with a Rainbow, or something of the sort.

(3) Slowly and continuously spam Reversed Accounts, usually forcing the runner to go trash it. It is best to only install it and advance it once or twice; let the runner spend the money in the run and the trash. If the runner doesn't go for it, you can just leave Reversed Accounts waiting for an important window to bring the runner down to 0 credits, allowing you to easily use Power Grid Overload, Invasion of Privacy or Punitive Counterstrikes.

NOTE: Reversed Accounts is essential to the deck, always retrieve it with Jackson when possible.

(4) By keeping the runner's economy low, you come to find the appropriate windows for scoring or for forcing the runner into a flatline by some combination of Punitive Counterstrikes and Invasion of Privacy (and Power Grid Overload as backup for a double Punitive Counterstrike).


I'm still working on the deck, and I'm somewhat unsure whether the influence used on the Eli 1.0s and the Vipers could perhaps be better spent somewhere else. Just as well I'm unsure about the ice I'm using in general.

I'd be very happy to see other people's comments and tips, since I would really like to make this deck work, if only for causal netrunner play-nights with my local group.

I've also tried playing some Thomas Haas's for faking an agenda, and forcing the runner to loose credits trying to get to it. But at this point I'm not sure what to take out in order to make space for it.

23 Feb 2015 benticurus

It would also be nice to figure out if any of the O&C cards could be useful for this build; I'd like to be an 'up to date' deck.

23 Feb 2015 quiciuq

Data Raven and Restructured Datapool are no good without some tag punishment - try Closed Accounts (goes well with overall theme) or Bad Times. Or try Snoop (for the kill), Shinobi (to kill some more) or even Data Hound - another underplayed card, yet fun to use and sometimes wrecking Runner's day.

23 Feb 2015 pang4

Just throwing this out there: wouldn't this deck be a lot better with NBN: Making News? Are the 2 influence and draws that important? Considering the deck is built around Primary Transmission Dish, wouldn't it be awesome to have one set up from the start?

23 Feb 2015 benticurus

@pang4 so for one thing, i really like the art on NEH; another reason i stick to NEH is that i do feel that the extra draw helps me set up faster than the runner; by the forth turn i may have amassed 4 clicks worth of free draws, which i think is really helpful in getting the economy and kill cards fast enough for me to annoy a runner (via Invasion of Privacy, which doesnt require runs to be played) that still has low economy while setting up.

@quiciuq the Data Raven and Restructured Datapool are there to threaten to destroy important Resources for the runner, and to make the runner think that there is tag punishment, forcing them to spend the click and 2 credits every time they take the tag. I only run one Data Raven precisely because it is only for 'psychological warfare'. I avoid Shinobi because of the bad pub: horizontal decks hate bad pub, it helps in easily paying to trash all the assets. I'm avoiding Snoop and Data Hound because they arent too self sufficient (their traces are a bit weak) and I like self sufficient ice, in case the Primary Transmission Dishes still aren't installed. Maybe if I change to Core ID, then Snoop and Hound would be viable.

I might end up having to combine the tips from both of you to make the deck more viable. Thnx.

13 Jun 2015 ANRguybrush

Right now your TWIY deck is on the front page and I can see that we both like experimenting with NBN.

I'll have a look on this deck. May switch some ice or so. Too bad whizzard is popular these days, ruins the whole idea of taxing the runner by having him trash assets.

14 Jun 2015 benticurus

@mcpba yeah, this deck is purely for fun, Whizzard destroys this deck, and so does any serious control Runner deck. But if not, this deck is an interesting play, Reversed Accounts and Punitives can really pull their weight