Punch Punch Go! - Mead Hall, 1st

StingHP 181

Mead Hall Store Championship 02/21/15

Punch Punch Go!

I decided to name this deck after listening to a podcast for a long time (Drunken Gamers Radio). My play style for this deck was to look for a Pro Co or a Hostage in my opening hand and mulligan for them if I didn't.

The supplier was added a few days before the tournament as a person in my local meta suggested to add it. I felt it was reasonable as it would save money and free up hand size due to frequent Pro Co in the game.

Pro Co is for card draw and money when I am looking for cards and waiting on the corp to make an action. I decided to add Pro Co after being unhappy with Earthrise in this deck. Granted with The Supplier it might be worth a second look.

1st/48 competitors

6 Rounds of Swiss/cut to top 8/Double Elim


Game 1 NBN: TWIY (Win)

Game 2 Blue Sun (Win)

Game 3 NEH:FA? (Loss) (Streamed on Mead Hall Twitch)

A few things of note about the NEH Deck. He used sub boost on architect and eli to increase the corroder tax.

Game 4 NEH:FA (Win)

Game 5 NEH (Tied)

Last turn Legwork into HQ whiff then inside job to the scoring remote to snag breaking news to get the tie.

Game 6 NEH: Nearpad variant (Win) (Streamed)

Ran slow against this deck when he had money to not get snared into drt until plascrete out.

Double Elimination

Game 2 NEH: Nearpad (Win) (Streamed)

Same opponent as before ran aggressive and won in 7 minutes.

Game 4 NEXT: Transformer (Loss) (Streamed) http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/16145/transformer-2nd-48-mead-hall-mn-sc-undefeated-#

Xavier was an excellent pilot. Early melange threw me off as I wasn't sure what ice composition he was running and ran slow.

I am in the progress of working on a write up of this deck and my overall experience from the day. I will certainly add my thoughts on the deck and a link to the overall article here when those are complete.