Destruction - Linköping Store Champ, 4th Place

tradet 235

I took this deck to my first ever store championship and it went 2-2 and 1 tie, earning me a top 4 finish in a field of 12 players.

Would want 3 of Déjà Vu, but I only had 1 core set. I also considered Knight and Morning Star, like in the original deck, but again I did not have the cards.

Instead I had a Mimic for some Swordsman hate and a single Corroder for Wraparound . I had 2 Spooned and Femme Fatale for code gates, there's one off to kill sentries and barriers if needed.

The deck's main win condition is the popular Eater - Keyhole combo and Hades Shard is used to bypass Jackson Howard.

Use Prepaid VoicePAD to pay for the event-driven economy and Same Old Thing for Account Siphon and Wanton Destruction recursion. An extra Amped Up amplifies the pressure on HQ as it can dump the entire hand and also more time for extreme horizontal play.

Data Leak Reversal was a last-day replacement over Liberated Account as I found myself floating tags often. It does help against tag heavy decks, but Liberated Account should be a better include as the deck might struggle economically.

Box-E for a bigger hand size when you're digging for pieces and for extra protection.

Overall the deck performed well but it's a little bit up and down. If the corp gets a remote before you have all your pieces ready you're in for some hurt. Ice destruction with cutlery might work but it's slow and expensive. Singularity helps but I think a more regular breaker suite would be better. A single Corroder is not consistent enough.