Efficiently Shipping Sex Bots - Mead Hall, 1st Place

StingHP 181

Mead Hall Store Championship 02/21/15

The idea for Efficiency Committee and Shipment from SanSan came when I finally understood how the CI: 7 point turn worked. That combination of play meant that I could effectively score a 2 pointer (Meant 2 pointer not 3 pointer. Thanks NorwegianGeek.) from hand as long as I had an Efficiency token and SfSS in my hand.

The ice choice is varied as I didn't want to run NEXT ice and to make access taxing. During the day I liked to stack Eli's and Markus' on each for the benefit of click and credit tax.

Lotus Fields were there for strength against parasites, but died rather easily to spooned when available to the runner.

The two big winners for this deck on the day were Daily Business Show and Shipment from SanSan.

1st/48 competitors

6 Rounds of Swiss/cut to top 8/Double Elim


Game 1 Tenma PPvP (Win)

Game 2 Noise (Win)

Game 3 Andy Drip Economy (Loss) (Streamed)

Big error in miscalculation of clicks when using Biotics cost the game. It was also hard to keep my economy going with Andy gaining 3-5 credits at start of turn.

Game 4 Gabe (Win)

Game 5 CT: Magnum Opus (Win)

Game 6 Noise (Loss) (Streamed)

Slow opening of economy and ice while Noise had an excellent start applying pressure and getting agendas on access.

Double Elimination

Game 1 Quetzal: E3 (Win)

Game 3 CT: Magnum Opus (Win) (Streamed)

Same CT deck as before, but made R&D access expensive.

Game 5 Edward Kim (Win) (Streamed)

Xavier - Probably the toughest game out of all during the day as this deck runs a lot of operations. He managed to trash at least 5 during the game slowing down my game and my choice of tools.

I am in the progress of working on a write up of this deck and my overall experience from the day. I will certainly add my thoughts on the deck and a link to the overall article here when those are complete.

23 Feb 2015 Xavier

@StingHP I made the fatal error of not trashing DBS... I just had that feeling of having to apply constant pressure. Great games it was a lot of fun.

23 Feb 2015 liquidcooled

How do you do against Blackmail recursion?

24 Feb 2015 josh.1

@liquidcooled aren't we to the point in this game where it's impossible to tech for every possible match up?

Even when/if clot comes out I feel this style of fa will be a winning formula. It creates a scoring server and it's centrals are taxing enough that the runner has a hard time running multiple times a turn.

24 Feb 2015 StingHP

@liquidcooled During my games of testing on OCTGN and at my local game store, I hadn't played a Valencia deck with this one.

During the tournament there were 7 Valencia decks, but I did not play a single one. Looking at the list it appears that none made the top 16. imgur.com

Honestly, at this time I cannot say for certain what I would do as I don't have previous game experience. Off the top of my head, I might try and bait them into running a server to get ice rezzed with assets or upgrades. Or use SanSan City Upgrades and Biotics to force out agendas.

24 Feb 2015 Xavier

@StingHP The guy ranked 2nd after Swiss was playing a Hivemind medium combo

24 Feb 2015 StingHP

@Xavier You're correct, I looked over that one completely. It did seem odd that a single Valencia out of 7 wouldn't have made it.

25 Feb 2015 norwegiangeek

Can you explain how you're scoring out 3 pointers with just a token and a SfSS?

25 Feb 2015 StingHP

@norwegiangeek Most certainly. As you are HB:EtF the first card you install each turn gives you a credit. Assuming that you have an Efficiency token, you install your agenda, giving you one credit on click one. Click two you will advance the agenda. On click three, you use the efficiency token and now have two clicks. Shipment from SanSan requires you to have two clicks and are now able to use advancing the agenda twice scoring a two pointer out of hand.

*I realize looking back over my initial post that I meant three advancement agenda and not a three point agenda. However, this would work on a 5/3 if you had all 3 efficiency counters and two SfSS in hand.

25 Feb 2015 norwegiangeek

That makes sense to me. I was trying to figure out how to do a 5/3 with only one SfSS. Thanks for the replay!