Personal Dino

Quarg 252

A fairly standard stim-shop deck, with a few differences.

I have not tested this much, and it could easily be awful, so don't use this as a guide for making personal workshop based decks!

Notable stuff:

  • 1x Sneakdoor Beta - A nice surprise for the unsuspecting corp.
  • 1x Legwork - similar reason to Sneakdoor.
  • 1x Yog.0 - Not sure about including this, sure Yog-o-saurus is good, but this ain't Kit.
  • 2x Public Sympathy to negate some of that delicious/dangerous brain damage.

Plausible changes:

  • add Medium(•••), since there is little to no multi access.
  • add Nerve Agent(••), same reason as medium, and better yet, if you keep the Sneakdoor, it could allow for a nice surprise for the corp! (at the cost of Legwork perhaps?)
  • drop The Maker's Eye in exchange for Test Run and possibly another Infiltration for that little bit of expose to help against traps and baiting to open scoring windows
  • drop Dinosaurus for something else perhaps?

Proxies / Cards to borrow:

these are the cards that I don't have that I'll need to borrow, hopefully won't be an issue, and if necessary they can be replaced.