Semi Glacial Jinteki

Quarg 252

Proxies / Cards to borrow:

  • Fetal AI, Chosen over Nisei MK II since a lot of games online ended with the runner running out of cards, I felt this change would help make that more likely / happen faster. and I am kind of worried this could easily go to time, although this then leaves me with only a few easily score-able agendas.

Issues / Things I need to improve:

  • I am absolutely awful at bluffing Junebugs, I've not managed to get anyone to run into them at all recently, hence why there are only two in here; though that may only be adding to the problem.

  • Economy is always an issue, which is why I've added PAD Campaigns from previous versions; I've been told to consider changing to having some Melanges instead.

  • I've been told to see about changing my code gates, especially Shiro. Borrowing Lotus Fields has been suggested.

  • Swordsman is not going to be as useful since Eater will not be an issue at this tournament, making it worth dropping for a piece of ice that is less situational / more taxing / higher value for money.

  • Tori Hanzō is often useless. Though I love the idea of using her and House of Knives to land a brain damage, it does cost 5.

  • The Agenda suite does not play to the identity ability very well, I am considering dropping a Future Perfect for borrowed Gila Hands to improve economy, and Chronos Project to hurt recursion heavy decks and render Levy AR less dangerous to the current game plan for this deck. This will also mean I have more agendas that are easier to score too.

  • I like having the Scorch threat, but I'm not sure it's really going to help that much,

  • Wall of Static is 1 more taxing than Himitsu-Bako against Corroder which may make it the better option.