Soooooo Hunngrryyy! - 1st Place Store Championship, Brisbane

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This report is not going to be in the same style as the one for my Titan Deck, just not inspired tonight - but hopefully anyone wanting to make similar or playing similar might find the write-up useful.

There are many ways to Anarch now that the box set has provided us some very powerful additions like Eater. This is the one I took to the Presents of Mind Store Championship in Brisbane on the 22/2/2015 which had 19 players attend.

This deck went through so many changes before I settled on the final list. The problem of course is trying to do too much at once which left the deck unfocused and often inconsistent. Every deck I made though had a huge amount of events, so I ended up shifting to Prepaid (a card I have never used before) over the usual cash generators of Armitage or Daily Casts. This was the best move I made. Obviously it increased the power of my cash generators (Day job, Sure gamble) but most importantly it helped make my turns almost free. Generally a turn was 1-2 clicks spent on drawing or events and 1-2 on running. The first part covered by PPDP the second covered by Spinal Modem, which was also a star. I originally went with Cyberfeeders as recurring credits to fuel eater/keyhole runs was vital for sustaining an economy but in an effort to trim cards I consolidated into a Spinal modem (the other consoles didn't offer much help (vigil was always a possibility though) and the 1 extra mem was useful if I wanted a full rig out). Spinal Modem is often overlooked because of its drawback but in this deck, where you will eater everything, getting traced just doesn't happen. In fact about the only card that even tried to trace me was Manhunt, and this was hardly a threat to my economy, just in case though, I decided to Reina over Quetzal for the extra Link. I should note here that you can effectively run this deck using Quetzal. Her early game barrier break ability can get you in (especially against wraparound) when you might not eater and help provide early pressure. My personal preference though was Reina, I wanted to hit their economy and the extra 1 credit over the game can make a huge difference.

The next biggest thing to note is that I am a hugely aggressive player. As you can see, no Plascretes and to many onlookers disbelief, I also floated tags from the get-go. In fact for our meta which is heavily dominated by Blue Sun, you might think I was crazy (and be mostly right). But it was vital for my tempo. Firstly, I couldn't afford to lose the credits in removing the tags (let alone the clicks) as Account Siphon because part of my economy and secondly, I would often fire off Account Siphon even if they only had 1-3 credits left when I got to access. This was how my deck worked and how Reina worked. Invariably most players will often rez a piece of ICE on HQ to spend credits they might be losing and to try and lower my gains. Works for me as recovering from zero creds is hard for most people that 2-3 where cards like Celebrity Gift can come into play. It also means that if their only source next turn is clicking, then 3 creds is not enough to power a snare. This was my time to check the hand or face down unadvanced cards. The choice to not use Plascrete wasn't made on a whim though. 'I've had worse' is extremely strong and did its job for me all day. The biggest hit I took was 3 lots of 2 meat damage (6 cards) of which I ended that with 4 cards in hand after starting with....4 cards in hand. The big power of this card is that in game where I had no real fear of Scorched (even though I always held 4 cards just in case they floated a single one), I effectively used it as a Diesel with PPDP. Inject here was also a star. I would often get 4 cards I could use, usually more economy and the doubles of Eater and Keyhole got trimmed out for a free cred. The use of Inject is partly why I also ran a single Retrieval Run as it allowed me the option to get back a program I lost without relying on Deja Vu which was far more important to use on either Account Siphon or the Cutlery.

Speaking of which, the Cutlery are extremely strong (no surprises here) but suffer from two huge drawbacks, getting the right one at the right time and decks that use a majority of one type of ICE. To help alleviate this I dropped from the usually compliment of 3 Account Siphons to two and added in the two Planned Assaults. This ended up being a great move and really smoothed out my consistency. If I needed the AS it was there but at the same time, if a Tollboth (one of this decks (and most) bane) was blocking me, or a Hadrians/Curtain Wall, I could easily dialup Knifed or Spooned to get them out of the way. In a pinch in also doubled as an expensive Retrieval Run though if it kept me on the attack it would be well worth the cards (The cost in creds with PPDP often equalled out). The cutlery however have to be matched to the meta. I went with 2 barriers a code gate and a sentry. At the end of the day I felt I could have dropped the sentry for another Code Gate (just to ensure I saw it more against Tollbooth) or even another barrier. That being said I probably wouldn't change them anyways. One of the most expensive cards to get through is Ichi and I did not see a single one on the day. Other Sentries suffer from low Strength making them not as bad to get through or an easy target for Parasite. Parasite also made to-be dropped list, but this was due to Blue Sun more than anything else. Regardless it was important to try and keep the cost of Keyholeing to a minimum though 2-3creds a run was not uncommon mid to late game and easily sustainable with my economy (1-3 runs a turn the first often mitigated by Spinal). Of course make sure you look at the cutlery as economy cards as well. I destroyed ICE in front of HQ as much as I did R&D simply because it wasted their cash and left a hole they had to spend time and cash to plug up. If they did not they left themselves vulnerable to Wanton Destruction, constant Account Siphons and just me taking a peak since their hands often filled with Agendas mid to late game.

My final Influence was spent on a single Special Order which helped smooth out my draw. You want to see Eater in your opening hand (if not then Special Order). Eater enables your early AS and Wanton Destructions as well as threatens Keyhole. It also allows fairly safe blind runs which keeps Reina’s ability in play or in many cases, gets you a free access. If you had Eater early then Special Order doubled as another way to get Corroder vs Wraparound and Mimic vs well I would say Jinteki, but its good just to have it out as much as for Swordsman as for Komainu splashes.

Finally some notes on Keyhole. Everyone has their own priorities as to what to trash from the 3 cards and I did get some questions over why I chose what I did. My priorities were Jackson first (this should almost always be your priority), followed by tag punishment (I was always floating tags), followed by Agendas, followed by economy cards, followed by ICE (prioritising ICE that was expensive for me to get through (for example, David will happily get me through Firewall a few times before it becomes a problem and at 6 to rez, it’s an expensive ICE for the Corp to have and thus I often left it). Many felt I should have targeted ICE as higher priority but without tag protection, I would prefer to have to grind through their ICE than to lose instantly. This worked for me.

There are a few changes I would make now that I put it through the fire of a major tournament (Utopia Shard over Hades and finding space for an Imp or two) but overall the deck performed exactly how I wanted it to and very consistently. I will be the first to admit that I had some luck during the day as I managed to evade being flatlined despite floating tags.

If you want to watch the Video of the finals game with this deck go to:

Also here is a link to the tournament report that contains all the vids and some good stats info:

27 Feb 2015 BTrain

Fantastic deck, my friend. So glad to see Reina back and I love the post-O&C "Anatomy of Anarchy" feel this deck packs. One card I've grown really attached to lately is Singularity. Did you consider throwing one in, or did you find that credit denial made the card redundant?

27 Feb 2015 stuology

The last cards I cut from the deck were Imp and Singularity and it was tough to do. They can be seen as meta choices so you can adjust if you believe they would be more useful to you. While I could have used Imp in my games, Singularity was never needed.

28 Feb 2015 Sashdoes

What do you do against Lotus Field though ?

28 Feb 2015 stuology

@Sashdoes Lotus Field is only 3 to get through, not to bad considering Eli is more common and costs 4. Once Spinal Modem is down, thats 1 cred which makes multiple runs easier. At the same time, Lotus Field is 6 to rez, a great cash drain IMO. If it was on R&D (my primary target) then I can easily switch to HQ again, Account Siphon, Wanton Destruction etc. If I feel its to much a Cred drain then Spooned can easily kill it, and I did Planned Assault for Spooned a few times during the day to do just that. As I said in my notes, I could have run 2 Spooned over the single Forked as Sentries were less an issue. NEH and Blue Sun dominate our Meta so adjust accordingly.

2 Mar 2015 IonFox

Really solid looking deck, congratulations on your win. However, what happens when you encounter crisium grid on centrals? It would appear to shut down most of your deck, and quite a few people tend to be slotting it in now.

2 Mar 2015 IonFox

Would it also be possible to drop a copy of parasite or maybe keyhole for an imp? I understand that eater needs 3 copies as it's the deck's staple breaker, but 3 copies of parasite and keyhole do seem like a bit much. Are 3 keyholes really necessary?

2 Mar 2015 stuology

@IonFox The very last card I trimmed was Imp, and I did so as a meta choice (and something I kind of regret). Parasite could definitely be dropped. It was not as good as I had hoped during the day. I could easily run 1-2 parasites and 1-2 imps and be happy. Crisium Grid can be a problem and everyone is packing it here as well. I play aggressively and you can put very strong pressure on R&D and HQ very quickly, draining cards and resources. Most players struggled to hold me back at first allowing me time to check decks. If I saw a Crisium early it was Keyholed. The few that got them down had the tough choice between stopping the Siphons or stopping the Keyhole. If they locked up R&D it was never for long. Just keep thinking ahead, use the Cutlery at the right time and Crisium can be easily dealt with. Across the day I trashed Crisium a number of times after it was installed but not rezed. Many times the Corp couldn't afford to res it. Sometimes it came down to the choice of ressing Crisium and leaving a hole elsewhere. I recommend the 3 keyholes. The quicker you get it running, the more it hurts your opponent as they now have to defend all 3 remotes while still trying to score. Inject makes the other copies some extra cash as you keep drawing and there are times you might loose a program or two.

2 Mar 2015 IonFox

Alright thanks! I'm going to try and run this for a GNK later this week, and probably just drop a parasite for an imp. I would still probably keep hades shard over utopia though, simply to access those agendas in archives hassle free.

2 Mar 2015 IonFox

How would same old things work? They seem quite potent in this list, allowing you to recur siphon and cutlery.

2 Mar 2015 IonFox

One last question (Sorry!), what do you think about swapping out retrieval run for singularity?

2 Mar 2015 stuology

@IonFox I only mentioned I would consider dropping Hades for Utopia because I don't think I ever used Hades at all. By the time I was ready to finish the game (against Weyland or Near-pad you sometimes wait for the win in the Archives rather than risk Punitive or a RRT), I could usualy get into archives with my standard breakers simply because the Corp often had to invest to much resources into other areas. What I did find though was if I didn;t get to Keyhole the agendas it often meant their hand was flooded and single HQ access is risky against the punish decks mentioned. Personal choice though, both have their uses for sure (and both can be played for free after an eater run of course)

I dropped Same Old Thing early for two reasons. Firstly it was far to click intensive for what I wanted to do (you do have to keep drawing and playing economy to maintain momentum) and because I decided to float tags meaning it will get trashed. In the end I never needed it. Deja Vue did the job fine, was paid for by PPDP and got me what I needed.

Final note, as I mentioned I am a very aggressive control player and my deck reflects my style. Even though Blue Sun was the most played Corp (7 decks compared to the next highest NEH at 3, with 9 Weyland in Total), only 1 person double SE me (and I had the I've Had Worses in hand), it is quite possible to get flatlined very easily. That was a risk I was happy with and the reason I chose Reina (try and keep their economy in check and strip the combo cards if possible). On any other day I could probably would have died many times over :)

2 Mar 2015 stuology

@IonFox Retrieval run is a must IMO. It smooths out your Injects by allowing a breaker to go past and then come back as well allowing easy recovery of Eater/Keyhole to the odd times you might loose them, or when you Inject first turn, then retrieval run the Eater than just went past.

Singularity is excellent for sure. I had 1 in the deck but trimmed it (second last card to go before Imp). I chose to drop it simply because I didn't feel that it gave me a strong enough return. In Hindsight, it probably would have been better than a Parasite due to the amount of Blue Sun being played so there is that. At the same time it depends on your meta. If there is alot of RP or HB Glacier styles (Or old school Weyland glacier) then certainly make use of it. I found that any Corp that could get an economy going against me often tried to score out a 5/3 behind some decent Codegates. Singularity could really have hurt that alot. In the end though I think my Reina deck only lost once on the day (my corp lost 2-3 times and was definetly my weaker side).

2 Mar 2015 IonFox

Alright then. I'll l try dropping 3 parasites for 2 imps and a singularity (cutlery should be enough destruction already). Thanks for the write ups and replies :3

3 Mar 2015 Otacon

I'm curious as to your reasoning behind changing Hades to Utopia. If the Corp ICE's up Archives with a Code Gate you're effectively locked out of picking up your Keyholed agendas without Hades to access. You also already have Wanton to wipe cards out of HQ(though it does require a run rather than just an install).

I'll be giving this a spin. A Reina ICE destruction deck is the first thing I tried to build with O&C but I think I had the same problem you mentioned originally, trying to do too much at once and being unfocused.

4 Mar 2015 stuology

@Otacon Its more a meta decision than anything. Hades is a game winner for sure and its obvious power and synergy is why I ran one. The thing I noted was that I was never locked out of Archives. The reason for this is that I was applying so much pressure on R&D and HQ that the "good" ICE went there with 1 or 2 more allocated to a scoring server. At the same time there are not too many Code Gates being played. Quandry (parasite bait), Tollbooth (David Bait) and Lotus Field (often saved spooned for this and is why I would drop Forked for another spooned) are the 3 most common Code Gates for us. Keeping their credits low and forcing some tough choices also often meant easy access to Archives at will. By this reasoning, dropping Hades for another Wanton would achieve the same result as well.

This comment was made simply because our meta is so heavily Blue Sun orientated. While I am sure it will change soon as runners are packing a lot more defence, being able to strip more kill cards from their hand makes my play safer. Every time I defeated Blue Sun I did it by scoring 7 points in one turn just to ensure that I wasn't going flatlined. At the same time Blue Sun Code Gate count is low, I had no problems with what they put out in the way of ICE.