The Future is Now - 1st Place Store Championship, Brisbane

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Director #1: You can guarantee these outcomes?

Director #2: Sir, we have taken every step to mitigate any risk. Our recent addition of Biotic Labour to our workforce coupled with our other recent acquisitions should ensure that we can complete ahead of schedule. I think the listed projections are conservative at best. Project Atlas is the future of the company.

Director #1: Agreed. I am going to green light the funding and I want this flagged as a priority.

Director #2: Understood

Director #1: We shall also continue targeting smaller corporations as we have previously, however these last three projects, you have already flagged them as High Risk Investments. In this current environment, I am failing to understand why I am reviewing them.

Director #3: Sir, as you know, Mark and I have been looking at methods to diversify our holdings. Some of these investments, while high risk, are not meant for us to invest in, but rather to provide, shall we say, a distraction, for our competitors as we re-position ourselves.

Director #1: Still quite a considerable outlay for a distraction.

Director #4: These investments have been also been flagged as viable, as you would have noted on page 19, should the opportunity arise, we should be to divert resources quickly enough to capitalise on them. Completion of Project Atlas phase one will also help drive these forward as well.

Director #1: Hmmmm. Very well, but we add them to our public portfolio. I want this backed by a marketing campaign. Make it look like these are our focus.

Director #3: The usual private contractors Sir?

Director #1: Indeed. This brings us to security. With our focus on Project Atlas I want to ensure that any disruption by other Corporations as well as internal interference is kept to a minimum.

Director #5: Sir, I must reiterate what I stated at our last meeting. With the cuts in funding to our security divisions I cannot guarantee that we will able to keep this under wraps for very long. There is also a lot more external activity at the moment as well. Reports from both the Argus and Blue Sun subsiduaries are that they have identified a number of hacker cells looking to gain access to our corporate data. While previously they have been independent, selling the information to the highest bidder, employees who were blackmailed by these groups indicated that they may have had corporate backing.

Director #1: I understand the limitations. Surely the high wages that Titan pays you and your staff are not being wasted on telling me the obvious?

Director #5: Sir. We have developed a number of new measures and reconfigured some of our old systems to ensure that any disruption, if not initially thwarted, will be delayed and repeated attempts discouraged. We have also setup a Checkpoint to our initial systems, though this technology skirts some legal boundaries in its use.

Director #1: I am not concerned about public opinion at this stage. Once Project Atlas is underway, things will shift in our favour.

Director #5: Ms Diego from Central has also helped us to redeploy our Archer systems at key access points though there are concerns in its use as the resourc....

Director #1: Do it. If we have to sacrifice some of lesser holdings to ensure success than I am sure we can easily spin it to make us appear the victims as we have done previously.

Director #5: Finally sir, we noted the previously successful use of the Crisium systems, especially across the financial divisions, in our report and...

Director #1: We do not have the time to waste on any new systems at the moment. Is that all? Good. I will expect to see initial reports by the end of the week. Good work people, I shouldn't need to remind you that success here will facilitate the growth of Titan Transnational for generations.

Director #1: The Future is Now

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There are many ways to run a Titan deck and this is the one I took to the Presents of Mind Store Championship in Brisbane on the 22/2/2015 which had 19 players attend. I built the deck during the week and did not have enough time to test it and thus found many cards under-performed during the course of the day. Fortunately it did the job and with a little luck I managed to pilot it to first place. Overall, the power of Atlas and the speed at which the deck can move means that we shall most likely be seeing a lot more of this ID in the future.

If you want to watch the video of the finals game involving this deck, go to:

Also here is a link to the tournament report that contains all the vids and some good stats info:

28 Feb 2015 TheRedArmy

You can eat for free at my house anytime you like, just for that flavor text in those notes. Fantastic job. Can you provide more details on the cards that did work and didn't? I've been looking for a Titan deck that perks my interest, and if you managed to get it to first place with a few dud cards, that means this one looks solid and gives me a good basis for a deck of my own later on.

Thanks for your time and effort.

28 Feb 2015 Dydra

I'll watch the games next time I have time ... but at first glance this deck tries to be a lot of things at the same time. I do dig the alternative fast advancing between SanSan and Biotic, however, I have a really big problem with this High-Risk Investment.

What happens if the Runner hits 1, or god forbid, 2 Atlas? You can't score your 3/5s and you lose your Atlas train ...

Also 1 Jackson against an anarch heavy meta is quite brave ... Do you play against a lot of Noise Hivemind decks in your meta?

28 Feb 2015 Ebonheart01

Brilliant write up, in fact one of the best I have seen such great flavour. I look forward to trying the deck out. Just like @TheRedArmy I am also curious... in hindsight anything you would change to improve efficiency or balance the ICE?

28 Feb 2015 stuology

In response to everyone above: TheRedArmy - there was a fair few dud cards and I have already made a new version post tournament. I also didn't realise just how strong Atlas is until I played it as well. The ability to get anything at anytime was an adjustment of thinking for me after playing a lot of NEH Fast Advance. For example, in one game I pulled a piece of ICE out with Atlas and dropped it on a scoring server to score out a 5/3.

Dydra - my aim was to make a Fast Advance deck designed to mimic the synergy that NEH has. Since I did very little testing, it is unfocused for sure. I used High Risk Investment just to keep the Agenda density low. I also was aiming to build only a single remote rather than spread like NEH does and felt I might have been able to push out a 5/3 if required (and managed to do so). Your right though in that the runner hitting Atlas early could hurt badly. I think what helped me the most was players not understanding what my deck was about. With so many Weyland scorch decks in our meta, all I had to do was ask how many cards in your hand and players would slow down, check runs or draw up. There was no Noise in our meta (Lots of Eddy, Valencia and my Reina) but I actually dropped the Jacksons for the Architect. This was a big mistake. Architect is so strong but just doesn't suit my deck. Everyone here runs Mimic and a 2 cred tax is not enough. So I have gone back to 3 Jacksons. On the day I never once used San-Sans. In fact it got trashed from my deck or hand more often than not. Every time it was 5 creds though (perhaps I was just lucky and noone saw Imps early?), which was a good tempo hit against the runner. The big thing to note here though is that I could score fairly reliably without it. Anarchs without fairy feared Archer - I did not play any Andy....thats a matchup I am kind of dreading. I do want to play this deck again so...more testing! :)

After dropping Architect, other changes I would make-

Dropped Fast Track, 2x Subliminals, Draco and checkpoint - all were subpar I would consider 2 Rainbow, another changeling for ICE and adding in two Crisium Grids would definitely help. I would also take the Housekeeping to 3. Every time this card came down early, it had a huge impact on the game, slowing down the opponent. That was the key for me. everything was designed not to stop, but rather slow and drain resources. Drawing runs with Private Contracts and timely use of Chronos Project (so many people relying on recursion) helped more than anything. (One game I used Atlas to get Chronos then used Biotic to score from hand because I saw Corroder go past in an Inject. It was a risk for sure but it paid off, my Ice Walls just shut my opponent down for several turns - all I needed).

Overall I felt that this deck was actually slow. I feel that tuned correctly, Titan Fast Advance could use that ever decreasing window we have before the Runner sets up to win very quickly.

28 Feb 2015 calimn

Mark Yale? Surely an auto-include in any Titan deck.

28 Feb 2015 AsteriskCGY

Mark's only real use is taking those tokens you get from any of the non token agendas for 3 credits, with that minor 1 extra for using them. Atlas counters are going to be better used to get a needed card, and HR is worth saving late game when the glacier kicks in, if not just constantly threatening the runner that saves money. So what you have is making an extra 3 off the Takeovers, Veterans, or Chronos Project. Those slots appear better getting in that Crisium grids or extra Housekeeping. Yale's great use is scoring a Firmware and then just dumping all those credits to rez something that you normally couldn't, like using 1 firmware to advance a space ice, then losing the rest to get the 6 to rez it. But at just lone tokens it's really win more.