Rogue Jinteki

Pinkwarrior 2278

A deck I've been playing recently with huge success it's based heavily off of a deck that did well at worlds with some changes here and their. So far it's shut down 2 MaxX Eater decks whilst still been strong against other runners.

Caprice Nisei x 3 Shes a must for dealing with Keyhole + Eater MaxX. Since she can't be trashed even when they pass the psi game after one or 2 games they usually get the message. This coupled with the fact you don't need any remotes means you can use all the ICE on centrals to make running expensive.

Nebula is great its another Grim but it could be free to rez with no bad pub if their was influence free id take 2 but sadly it's a no go. I had thought about dropping 2 Commercialization for 2x Celebrity Gift just to get another Nebula in but Commercialization gives alot of money and can bring you back from a Siphon run so am not sure its worth it.