The Quarry: Mining Behaviours v2

emlun 477

Started out as a janky experiment, this deck has performed much better than I expected and become my main corp deck lately.

The general strategy is simple: Pile up money preparing to drop the Midseasons, then score a Mandatory Upgrades or overadvanced Vitruvius with Psychographics.

Comments on some card choices

  • Domestic Sleepers: Primes Midseasons for free and provides an easy way to seal the game after 6 AP.
  • Private Contracts: At 5 trash cost, you're in a good spot if the runner trashes it. Eve Campaigns might work as well, but PC lets you unload a big burst of credits in a pinch.
  • Gyri Labyrinth: Decoy to make the runner waste time and money preparing for Scorched Earth.
  • Hunter: Fantastic early game tax ice, but beware that it's probably dead as soon as you drop the Midseasons.
  • Shadow: Money and tags - exactly what we want. Beware that it might die off after the Midseasons lands.
22 Mar 2015 darwindeez

Just took down another win with my Quarry brew. Early cat and mouse game with assets (PAD, DBS, Jackson, Melange). First few turns of the game I would install something and click for credits, then he would trash it and click for credits. Next few turns, same thing, but behind an Eli. All the while I had Midseason and a Sleepers in hand, so I'd just install, credit credit while he would run, click, click, trash, credit. Eventually dropped the Sleepers in there, once i was up by 11 credits or so, and he took that, too. Like giving candy to a baby. Opponent later installed double Plascrete, no Gyri required. The early Melange is so threatening. And later in the game we can just Close their Accounts. PAD and DBS did good work by draining creds early to prep for the Midseason. Yay!

22 Mar 2015 emlun

@darwindeez Yay! I think I'll have to take your brew out for a spin, it looks great!

22 Mar 2015 darwindeez

I think after the Midseason, I dropped down to 2c from the trace and then I got started Melanging in earnest behind a small IQ while my hand filled back up. Needed to bank my scoring and rezzing money. Meanwhile by the time he found his decoder, I was so rich he didn't even go after the Melange, and he had 12 tags. Always wish the IQs were Lotuses, though, that's the worst part of the deck, tbh.