Replicating destroyer Planszostrefa Store Champ 1st.o8d

Wosho 234

2 Mar 2015 esutter479

This looks really sweet and brutal at the same time. :) I think about the only thing I'd personally do differently, is -1 Archer for +1 Wormhole.

2 Mar 2015 Wosho

Thats not the bad idea :) But as i didnt have OC i didnt think about including any new corp cards.

3 Mar 2015 Grimwalker

This looks tricky to pilot. Do you just stack the nasty sentries on Centrals, spam Assets horizontally and score out behind ETR ice?

3 Mar 2015 Wosho

I try to catch runner in some kind of trap, be it shinobi, susano into archer etc. Plus depending on the runner, scoring server with etr ice or as costly as possible.