Valencia - Medium Mail

aandries 1500

This deck will likely suffer versus FA decks, no doubt about it. However, once setup the Hive / Virus Breeding Ground / Medium / Blackmail combo will crush your opponents will to live and provide no solutions in sight. Doesn't need a ton of credits to setup, doesn't require hardware. You'll need between 20-30 credits for the entire game, in my estimation. Spags and I will be testing this deck at some point this week - if it performs we will tweak it and keep it up, if it failboats, I'll take it down in shame.

2 Mar 2015 gumonshoe

I've settled on the 1x Frame as well. I was running 2x in madison, but it was a bit overkill. If you're having issues with speed, maybe drop a lucky for another chakana. Nerve Agent may also be a dead card, though it doesn't hurt to check HQ for its entirety. Progenetor+Medium+Virus Breeding Ground has been sufficient and a decent upgrade over what you saw a few weeks ago. I still have a 1 of keyhole and 2x eater,1x mimic; but I win most my games off of the equivalent of maker's eye on R&D (which is to say, click breeding ground to get a virus on medium which is on progenetor, make a run and see 3 every turn). It gets worse the next turn if they don't clear, but its a pretty hard lock.

I want Chakana to work; I'm not sure if its fast enough. Would be interested to hear your results.

2 Mar 2015 hypomodern

The Nerve Agent is, I think, promising vs. FA decks; I'm tinkering on a Noise build that forgoes the blackmail for Noise's intrinsic milling and I struggled to develop a line of play vs. FA. Hopefully Nerve shores that up. This is the sort of build where I'm tempted to try to fit Demolition Run in somewhere, too.

Interested to see how it goes :)!

2 Mar 2015 Dydra

So though to say if this is better than the Noise Hivemind deck (with Chakans ofc) .... I think not

let us know how testing goes

2 Mar 2015 whirrun

Hello, as someone playing hivemind blackmail, it's great to see others picking it up. I'm gonna try and link my deck. That may not have worked, but its called The Greater Good and it's on nrdb. Do take a look at it as I've found it to be very successful in casual play (haven't made it to any tournaments). The biggest thing I'd say looking at your list is that you might want more draw and maybe Planned Assault, you'll probably never play Levy AR Lab Access anyway. It might also be worth trying Kati in place of the lucky finds. Anyway, thanks for posting!

p.s. Am I still the only person who can't comment in Foxfire, it means I need to use Chrome :(

3 Mar 2015 moistloaf

very keen to hear how testing goes

6 Mar 2015 aandries

Spags and I tested a Medium-Mail style Valencia deck and found the returns to be far from ideal. I wasn't fast enough to beat NEH in any games (0-3), it lost to PE, but on 6 points and losing multi psi games and being 2 credits short on stealing a Fetal AI for the win on the last turn (0-1). It did, however, crush an HB Bioroid Glacier deck (2-0), but that is a dream matchup of high levels.

I believe once Clot is released it could be tweaked up and "possibly" fast enough to be viable. However, I'm far from encouraged. I can't help but think of this style deck as something a new player could just get lucky with (a la Noise), but a veteran player will be better served playing a deck with more decision points and greater flexibility.

I found "Inject" to be a poor draw card in my build as often times the card I was missing was the program to complete the combo - we switched it back to Duggars and I found that to be better. I actually think Duggars in a combo deck like Valencia is fantastic.

Also, Levy AR Lab is useless in the deck, you will either win or lose well before you need to fire it. At this point I find the Security Testing / Desperado build I tested first (ahead of this and a Eater style build) to be superior and more enjoyable to play for both parties.