My knight In "Deep red" armor

John"Animal"McEvoy 1361

This is probably the 15 version... so ya! This deck is pretty aggressive but more importantly fun... well not so much for the corp... Main concept of the deck is: Making the corp hate rezing ice. Been playing this deck ever since a little bit after O&C was released and its doing really good! Currently on a winning streak right now 8-0. I love Cortez chip and I always have, I just love taxing the corp, Cortez chip does a pretty good job of that, plus with Reina's awesome ability you are taxing the corp for 3 credits, I don't know about you but that sounds pretty good! Emergency Shutdown and Crescentus are just the icing on the cake! ChopBot 3000 for when overmind is out of tokens. 3 stimhacks cause I find my self a lot of times that I don't have a lot of money (or just not enough) to run on some pretty iced up servers so that really helps lots. So here is a couple of weaknesses I've found over these few weeks, the econ is not the greatest, I find myself clicking for creds a lot, and there is no draw power at all, and where I live nobody is playing scorched so no need for carapaces, and if I bring it to a tournament I have to find a way of getting a couple of carapaces in there... but the deck space is very limited. So there's a little run down of it. I'm planing on bringing this to a local tournament so if anyone has any advice on how to make this even better I would be very grateful! Thank you! And have yourselves a wonderful Netrunning!

3 Mar 2015 Bananifier

Your deck is quite interesting. I love the fact that you have included 3 copies of each card. It is strangely satisfying and very streamlined.

Here are the few things that, imho, could be improved:

  • you do not have any kind of multi-access. I would at the very least include 2-3x Wanton Destruction to reduce the corp's ability to react to your battle plan and to be more efficient.
  • it seems that parasites would do wonders in this deck; you can crescentus / shutdown the medium to high-cost ice and parasite the rest. Besides, you may find yourself in front of a Swordsman, that could very well be included as an Eater hate card. As-is, you have no answer to this (except keeping the corp poor and using shutdowns ad nauseam).
  • with knight, rook, and crescentus being temporary, I think that including Clone Chip would do wonders in this deck. Besides, if you do include parasites, you would have another target to clone.

You may want to do the following changes: -1 Chop Bot 3000, -3 Cortez Chip, -1 Déjà Vu, +3 Clone Chip, +2 Parasite.

You won't have 3 copies of each cards anymore, but the deck may be better overall.

3 Mar 2015 Dydra

Hey, I love the deck as well. I've been so far the only person in our meta who has put Cortez Chip in a deck ever... I love how how focused it is and consistent.

My recommendation for you is (as you have noticed you are short on cash), since you are running 6 pure econ cards and the 3x Cyberfeeder help only with intalling the Datasuckers in your deck ... get 3x Kati Jones ... That's sustainable eccon which I feel will be better than the Stimhacks.

Also, Stimhack is an amazing card imo, but it is best either in Personal Workshop decks, or in decks that go for BIG DIGS ( Noise Mill deck, Medium ) or to capture off-guard corps on their remotes.

Since you have no multi-access in your deck, I assume the best you can get out of it, is to threaten the cor's remote ... I, personally, would never stimhack for 1 card R&D access, or 1 card HQ access

Cheers, D

3 Mar 2015 whirrun

If it's working for you, don't go nuts. But can I recommend #I've Had Worse instead of plascrete as an addition as it will also help with your draw. The deck does also seem slightly econ light, though I'd recommend something like Queen's Gambit that allows you to continue being aggressive over Kati, but then I've never been a huge Kati fan.

4 Mar 2015 king_mob

I'm a die hard Reina fan, and although this is not how i play Reina, i agree with @whirrun - if its working, dont change too much.

That being said, @Dydra's point about sustainable income is VERY good. Reina dominates with early game pressure, once that subsides unless you have been lucky in keeping the corp poor enough, without a strong late game econ engine the crashing wave of Reina aggro will start to break. That's just my 2c from playing Reina, so obviously YMMV.

I like @Bananifier's suggestion for recursion too, although again thats more because of how i play Reina than the fact i think your deck needs it. Being able to Clone Chip drop a Knight and host it immediately via Deep Red, on a Stimhack run, is a combo that is trivial to pull off and insanely powerful. I like to think of Knight as a run event rather than an icebreaker, and Rook is the best early game icebreaker there is (in that its a program that gets you into servers XD).

4 Mar 2015 vor_lord

I like it. In any deck which lacks draw (like this one), I'll second @Dydra's recommendation of Kati Jones.

How have you found Chop Bot 3000 ? I've not tried it, but with Overmind as your only target, it seems lackluster for the deck space. More econ instead?

4 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

What about Professional Contacts instead of some Cortez Chips? That would help your click efficiency a ton if you are clicking for both credits and cards.

4 Mar 2015 Dydra

@FarCryFromHuman switching like that will change the focus of the deck a bit ... also Professional Contacts has the negative effect of thinking you that by "drawing and getting a credit to setup" you are doing fine ... that's not the case for these types of decks ... you want to run,run and run.

If you comfort yourself and play passive with ProCons, better not play money denial Reina

5 Mar 2015 Saikron

I'd also recommend Clone Chip instead of Cortez Chip. You can do really silly things with Clone Chips and Knights and Overmind especially since you can uninstall your own cards with Chop Bot.

5 Mar 2015 theunode

Xanadu? Seems like having 2 of your identity (or 3, or 4...) might not be a bad idea.

5 Mar 2015 theunode

Oops, I forgot that Xanadu is unique, but may still be interesting in the deck.

6 Mar 2015 x3r0h0ur

Ever consider 1-2 uninstall? 0 tutor for a new overmind :P

14 Mar 2015 PureFlight

I've seen Scavenge work pretty well with Overmind - pretty much a "reset" button for power counters. You could try to swap it with the Chop Bots, but influence is tight.