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Alturis 8

I feel like I may be spreading my focus too thin with this deck. It takes awhile to get going and I rarely gain any use out of the rabbit holes. If anyone has suggestions or other decks you can link let me know.

4 Mar 2015 konradh

You need more tutoring for your programs. Since Im assuming you don't have expansion packs with Test Run or Self-modifying Code, try using Special Order from the Core Set. It won't help you bring your Opus faster, but will help with other software.

It really depends on what decks your opponents are using, but usually you don't need as much link as Rabbit Holes provide, especially with the Toolbox you are trying to find. One copy of the console is though, but that's core set blues I suppose.

Plascrete Carapace in one copy is usually not enough to find it at the right moment, so if you plan to use it as anti Scorched Earth defense, find room for second one.

You don't need so much copies of The Maker's Eye, one as a bonus with your RD interface should be enough. Instead try to include one or two copies of Indexing and see what happens.

4 Mar 2015 Otacon

It's hard to say much other than the deck you started from wasn't built to necessarily be effective, but to give a relatively simple introduction to the game mechanics. It's not something that is going to be successful against actual competitive decks, and the changes you made here don't do anything to change it. It's hard to make recommendations that aren't basically totally different decks based on that, especially no knowing what cards you have access to.

On that note, something like this is fairly typical Kate:

Economy is provided by Prepaid VoicePAD combining with Economy events like Sure Gamble and Lucky Find to boost their effectiveness, or alternately make various other Event types much cheaper/free. At the same time it makes use of Self-modifying Code and Clone Chip, very standard cards in Shaper decks, to install and recycle needed programs on demand.

4 Mar 2015 jrees

I agree with konradh, finding your rig is gonna be the hard part, and Special Order will help. And if you're going to use the influence that way, you may be better off using Pipeline than Ninja. Also, with Special Order in your deck you can think about taking out the multiple copies of your breakers since you will be searching for them in your stack.
And Rabbit Hole is pretty specific to combating traces, which you may not encounter in every match, making the card dead in your hand in many cases. If you're really worried about it, it looks like you're using What Lies Ahead, so you could replace them with The Helpful AI which supports your breakers AND has extra link.

Good Luck!

4 Mar 2015 Alturis

So i recently aquired most of my friends Netrunner cards. I now have 2 core sets, what lies ahead, future proof, opening moves, all 3 bix box expansions, cyber exodus, and up and over.

4 Mar 2015 konradh

If you have Creation & Control, say hello to the Self-modifying Code, Clone Chip, Test Run and Personal Workshop. These cards make Shaper shape.