Argus con snare-os

Blindman 19

Deck went 5-1 last week in store champs... only lost to a Noise Mill that I couldn't get around. VUlcan was a good add that actually got me two of the kills. The three cleaners are a good bet for them to get one and hopefully be able to double or triple punitive and kill.

Housekeeping was a huge help in all of the games... problem was that Noise milled them before I could get to them. Hive was necessary due to Quetzal being able to break right through the walls, it at least meant they would have to find an E3 to get through it.

All the kills were from punitives or a scorch punitive combo. I am thinking of dropping the Sea source since I never used it. I got the scorches from them actually getting an agenda on click 4 and taking the tag instead of the meat.

One flatline came from the ultimate combo of Snare/DRT/Cleaners... that was cool...

4 Mar 2015 Myriad

Punitive seems like a questionable include with so many one pointers.

4 Mar 2015 Blindman

Actually, they are what was most helpful. I would lay down a Cleaners and double advanced when I had two Punitives, then I would either be able to flatline if they stole it or score it next turn.

4 Mar 2015 Myriad

I get Punitive + The Cleaners.

I mean between your Chronos, Hostiles and Vulcans, thats 5 of your 11 agendas that reduce the effectiveness of Punitive Counterstrike.