MaxXimum Anarchy!

sniperbag 30

Anyone who has followed my decks thus far (it won't be too many) knows I have the hots for playing Anarch. I jsut love the way they play and I love punk. But hence playing Anarch right and competitive was nearly impossible until O&C (even though Steven Wooley released his Anatomy Of Anarchy, which I am thankful for to this day), things weren't looking too good. I then stumbled upon Slysquids Mother F****** Deck and I have to say I effing love it! He has found a way to compile a ton of pressure in a pretty straight-forward anarch deck. Eater does indeed change the meta!

So this is basically my rendition of said deck. If you want a write-up of the cards and what they do and why they do, what they do just head over to his deck (in my "derived from" section obviously). I am going to discuss my own changes to his formula though and of course I want to hear constructive criticism about them or this dekc in general.

My changes: -1 forked, -1 spooned, -3 joshua, -1 liberated, +1 retrieval run, +3 PPVP, +2 d4v1d,

Less cutlery because less is more and I never needed that many in any game. (+recursion) More Retrieval because recursion is key(hole). Less Joshua because I never used him effectively. (not in this deck though, it worked wonder sin my tag-me Reina but this ain't no tag-me deck so why force it) Less Liberated because again I never needed that many. PPVP, now that's an experiment. Seeing Maxx being so event-heavy I figured it might be a nice addition. D4v1d is basically a Blue Sun counter. And it's also a nice cheap alternative to Eater (with access!)

Lemme know whatcha think. Cheers.

6 Mar 2015 Shisen

SlySquids deck is a real beast but I think the changes you did sound reasonable. Hands up for PPVP! Playing 25 Events without a voicepad sounds like a lot of wasted money. D4v1d sounds like another fine inclusion and playing more recursion in a MaxX deck can never be wrong. The cutlery is probably something you really have to like, didn't use them in my Anarch that often either. You use Box-E as a counter to the brain damage you suffer, don'tcha? How did it go so far with only playing one copy? Would be interesting to hear your experiences so far.

All in all nice changes and nice deck, I think it would be a pain in the ass to play against it :)