Noise Control v3 - 1st Place Uncle's Games SC (Redmond, WA)

jakodrako 1554

This is a fairly boring "Can O' Whupass" style Noise deck that I modified from ZBauermeister's ideas. It draws heavily from my experience refining the Gambles for Days economy package. I'm honestly not over-thrilled with this deck. It dropped 2/3 games at the tournament. The win was due to a misplay on the opponent's part, one of the losses was due to slow card draw, and the other was due to not playing my Hades Shard against a Power Shutdown/Accelerated Diagnostics deck. So overall, I think this deck needs a little refining and a little more practice time. Suggestions are very welcome!

21 Mar 2015 Salindurthas

I don't like the Chakana. If you are going to run R&D 3 times you might as well just use Medium, right?

Clone Chips are super strong, as they allow you to install a Cache at the end of the Corps turn (milling a card) and potentially going from zero to maybe 8 credits (Cyberfeeder+Scheherazade+Cache+Aesop).

Do you really need the Djinn's? Would Grimoire be better?

21 Mar 2015 jakodrako

Oh goodness, no. You don't run R&D to turn Chakana on. The idea is to have Hivemind on Progenitor, Virus Breeding Ground, and the Chakanas out. This allows you to stall the Corp out really hard. Even if they purge virus counters, you can immediately turn the Chakanas back on by moving virus counters from VBG to Hivemind.

I would definitely like to get Grimoire in there. I'm not sure if they can wholesale replace the Djinns though. Djinns provide a lot more extra memory than Grimoire can. I'd probably just go with both.