Board Freeze 2nd Place 2015 Something2Do Store Championship

KingOfOdonata 209

I started playing The Foundry: Refining the Process not too long ago and the concept of it really struck me. A free ICE tutor every rez is amazing. Even though this deck has changed dramatically from my initial build, it has definitely improved. The core of this deck is HB Fast Advance with a lot of taxing on top of it. Thus, the ICE choice is pretty obvious for The Foundry and this premises. Aside from the NEXT ICE just building upon each other, the grail ICE allows a lot of three subroutine ICE with increasing unpredictability or danger for the runner. Once they see one piece of grail, they have to find all three breaker types to prevent any sort of dangerous side effects of face checking. Which slows them down even more to allow Fast Advance to take over.

Even though the ICE is relatively cheap, Fast Advance is not. I think the economy still needs work in this deck. If I can get a Gila Hands Arcology scored early, I'm almost set for the game. Otherwise, it can often run tight. I have found that Peak Efficiency only work late game, and only if the runner makes a lot runs throughout the game.

Aside from the econ being reevaluated, there are two cards I could see immediately dropping-Mother Goddess and Corporate Troubleshooter. Mother Goddess is a singleton and aside from the NEXT ICE, is doesn't help the deck much. Although Corporate Troubleshooter should be able to hold the runner out of a server, the econ isn't strong enough here to allow it. Either beefing up the economy, or changing that to Ash 2X3ZB9CY would be interesting. I'd also like a way to destroy programs easier here, since shutting down breakers, especially Yog, would be VERY helpful.

9 Mar 2015 x3r0h0ur

Well, as you know, I'm a fan of your decks :P This one is really cool. I've not played a lot of foundry, but I do like HB decks, and the ice synergy builds are cool.

Typically I hate Subliminal in decks, but this one (given the grail) makes a lot of sense. I do think you could cut Corp troubleshooter for IT Dept almost all day every day. Even 1 of and throw in Interns. Interns seems very strong here, especially if you slot Ash.

I would go up to 2-3 copies of archived memories, and depend less on vitruvious for recursion of fast advance. Between interns and Archived memories, and Haas Pet Project even, you'd have tons of recursion of FA. Kick ass deck, I'll be testing it out on octgn.

9 Mar 2015 KingOfOdonata

@x3r0h0urAwesome, thanks for the feedback and ideas. I actually meant to try out IT Department and forgot about it. I built this the day before the tournament and hadn't had a chance to try it. IT Department would be much better than Corporate Troubleshooter here. Subliminal was fantastic when it came out. It either prodded the runner to run more than than they wanted to, or allowed me to earn free credits while they were in setup stage. After you try it on octgn, let me know how it does and what changes you try.

9 Mar 2015 nootroonoor

If you want an upgrade to deal with breakers, you want Will o' the Wisp. If it's actually Datasucker you don't like, then you want Cyberdex Virus Suite, and/or 4+ strength code gates, like Minelayer, IQ, Tollbooth, RSVP, Sensei, or Lotus Field. Corporate Troubleshooter works best with Destroyers, especially if they also end the run (Rototurret and Archer). Ash is solid too though, he helps stop R&D lock.

11 Mar 2015 Oisin

I've been playing a NEXT deck and have found Melange Mining to be a solid, if risky, economy card. You can install it in the scoring server while waiting for an agenda and install over it when ready. Often, it will prod a runner into making a run she really doesn't want to make.

Sure, it can get trashed out of R&D. But I bet it would be more consistent economy than Peak Efficiency, and sometimes it will just get completely out of hand.

12 Mar 2015 KingOfOdonata

I'm going to try this soon with the following changes: -2 NAPD Contract, -2 Corporate Troubleshooter, -2 Peak Efficiency, and -1 Mother Goddess + 2 Efficiency Committee, +2 IT Department, +2 Melange Mining Corp., and +1 Cyberdex Virus Suite

16 Mar 2015 sruman

You do put in the eff. committee, I would suggest perhaps dropping 1 san-san, 1 peak, 1 subliminal and add 3 shipment from san-san's since they are so spectacular with a scored effiiency committee -- giving 3 more options for fast advance on the cheap (net-0 vs. net-6 or 7). But losing a san-san is a tough call.

28 Apr 2015 AGAGAG

Nice idea!! Trying to build a deck like this my self! And im wondering if I should put in +2 jackson - and remove -1 sansan? I also REALY like pup-up so thinking about going -1 merlin and then go with +2 pup-up?! How does this sounds? (and playing 1 interns to get my sansan back in game)

28 Apr 2015 KingOfOdonata

@AGAGAG Look at the changes I made in 2.0 for what I think was a stronger build than what I had here. For the changes you bring up, you presenting two problems-increased inconsistency for drawing SanSan and you are adding 4 cards and removing 2, which will push this deck to the next Agenda level.
I do really like Pop-up Window in The Foundry, and I could maybe see taking out something for it, not sure. But it's not as taxing as the ICE already here.