RP - Ruining People (1st place SC Bratislava)

Untergeher 255

On March 8 four of my buddies and I travelled to our friends in Bratislava to participate in their SC tournament. All in all there were 20 players from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. After 5 rounds of Swiss we cut to top 8. I brought an interesting take on Jinteki RP, was fifth after Swiss and in the end moved on to win the tournament.

The idea is pretty simple: Do something crazy, do something different. Catch the runner off-guard. And before they know what's going on: Burn down their house! (As it turns out: Nobody expects RP to run SEA Source and Scorched Earth...)

How do you win games? Either the runners aren't careful enough and die. Or they play around your Snares! and Scorches and you can use the extra time to build up your economy and score your Nisei MK II.

The deck loses some of its power as soon as your opponents know what's in it. After a few rounds of Swiss your flatline victories will be common knowledge and people will sit down at your table asking: "So, you're the guy that scorches people out of RP?" Put on a smile and answer very politely: "Rumors. All rumors." Let them find out for themselves why in this case RP stands for "Ruining People".

Out of the 7 games I played with this deck, I only lost one during Swiss due to some stupid misplays on my part. Neural Katana was the only card choice I regretted in the end, it just never did much against all those Mimics. I would definitely swap that one out. Swordsman was there, because I was expecting Eater+Keyhole. In the end, I only encountered one Eater deck.

TLDR: This deck kills people. Sometimes on turn 2. And it wins games. Tadaa!

9 Mar 2015 PeekaySK

True story about the "turn 2" part. That was me, in the first round of the tournament :D

Damn shame too, I had an awesome opening hand :P

9 Mar 2015 x3r0h0ur


9 Mar 2015 secretsecret

Wait, what? Scorch RP? What is this abomination??

10 Mar 2015 HepatitvsJ

Lol. I would replace neural katana with Hunter. It helps deplete their econ to make the sea source stick and gives you another opportunity to land a tag as well. :) Looks cool, I want to give this a try now.

10 Mar 2015 Untergeher

Yeah Hunter was one of my considerations. Then again, you don't want to spoil the surprises too soon... and I guess a good runner would get suscpicious when he's suddenly encountering Hunter. On the other hand you could almost use them like a trap ICE. Hm...

10 Mar 2015 kyokorebit

Replacing Neural Katana with Kitsune would be deadly in here.

My fix: -2 Neural Katana +1 Kitsune +1 Caprice

11 Mar 2015 Untergeher

Kitsune seems solid, Caprice also. But I didn't want to go too light on ICE. I think I'll test the deck with two Kitsunes instead of the Katanas and see what happens. Didn't really have time to test the deck properly before the tournament, but will do now...

26 Mar 2015 Watzlav

Problem is when people talk about the nasty guy who flatlines everyone and you think they talk about your Punitive Counterstrikes. :)) I'll always remember the time I legworked into yout hand of two Fetal AIs and a Jackson and the innocent and confused gaze you gave me that discouraged me from firing my Utopia Shard before access. :)) Once again, congratulations on the victory. I'm really glad I could play against you.