Sterling Supplied - 1st Place Firestorm Cardiff SC

Dr_Madhatter 469

I've been using Overmind in my runner decks since I started getting into playing Netrunner properly and the inclusion of it in Nordrunner's 'And4omeda' deck is what caught my attention.

Overmind is good in this deck but I generally found myself relying more on the main breaker suite. Once your suite of garrotte, corroder and Zu is up, your usually in a pretty good position to keep attacking R+D, with runs fuelled by your drip econ.

Speaking of drip econ. I do feel that Sterling compliments this style more than Andromeda. You may miss out on an early Supplier without Andy's huge opening hand but you can still go for installing your resources full price, the cards do pay themselves off eventually. Especially when Sterling's ability kicks in.

There is quite a bit of set-up involved some games, which puts you at odds against Fast advance + RP. Overmind, legwork and inside job are key in these match-ups, as they allow you to still threaten early, aggressive runs.

I'll touch on some of the changes I have made to the decks this is derived from:

No D4v1d. No room for this because of the influence cost. Due to this being dropped, Uninstall also went. I have found that E3 Feedback Implants becomes less important because of the loss of D4v1d so that may also be cut.

Earthrise Hotel over Professional Contacts. Earthrise really was doing some amazing work for me. Its amazing to pick up a bunch of credits at the start of my turn AND draw 2 cards for zero clicks! I may put a third one in because its just so good off The Supplier.

Crash Space is there instead of a 2nd Plascrete because of the increased hand size off Logos, so protecting 3 meat instead of 4 doesn't make much difference. Also, Its there for Argus/NBN tag storm decks.

Feedback Filter for PE. I just feel safer with it than without it.

Garrote over a Femme. The whole point of the 3 main breakers is that they are as efficient as possible. Garrote is also cheaper to install than Femme.

Finally, I will just say that the main strength of this deck is how it can lock down R+D and sustainably keep up runs on it every turn once the econ and breaker suite is set up. Your also able to control remote servers and then punish agenda build up in HQ with legwork/Utopia Shard. Sterling's ability is the icing on the cake when it comes to drip econ.

10 Mar 2015 jollyskulls

Why, not use special order? It helps retrieve answers quickly and lets you be able to attack?

10 Mar 2015 yosuv

How do you fight against Snare! or other tramps??

10 Mar 2015 king_mob

Just through special brew at tramps to distract them.

Traps on the other hand you can play around, same with tags. Stirling is about surgical runs, 1x a turn sort of thing. You'd be surprised how quickly you can start doing this with supplier stirling.

@Dr_Madhatter Sean mate was a pleasure watching you play in Cardiff, congrats on the win and taking out Swansea as well (2x plaques now??)

List looks super strong too, i had great fun playing Iain and will certainly give this a shot after the next SC!

10 Mar 2015 king_mob

Haha, there i go taking the mick for someone mispelling something, only to mispell something myself in the first sentence. Win some lose some eh?

10 Mar 2015 Jashay

I do like the Stirling R&D lock archetype. Slow and steady wins the race, and all!

Did you face any program destruction? I had to move to duplicates of the breakers because I kept getting a singlet Corroder or ZU.13 Key Master sniped from my hand by damage or blown off the board by Power Shutdown. Nothing more dissatisfying than having to sit there and lose because you have no fracter...

10 Mar 2015 yosuv

2 fairy to stop Power shutdown. And dont use, if you play against posible copr deck with Power S.

10 Mar 2015 esutter479

This is a good look for Iain. I built one recently, too, and called it "Slow and steady". :) Jashay hit the nail on the head with that one. You can check it out here - I really love the interaction of his ID, Data Folding while you set up, and Supplier to make things easier on ya.

I may have to try yours, Madhatter, on OCTGN and compare the effectiveness of the two to see which is better (more consistent). I have a Chop Bot in mine just in case I need to cut anything out of existence, as well as being more event heavy due to having no Dyson's or R&D Interfaces. Earthrise Hotel seems awesome here as well...may have to give that a shot.

10 Mar 2015 Dr_Madhatter

@holding Thanks for the comment! It was a great day and I didn't do too bad in the 17-man Rules of Play Cardiff SC the next day either, made the top 4 (unsure of specific position)! Best of luck with your future tournaments :)

@Jashay Losing one of the key breakers is a huge blow. I lost to a Foundry Grail deck due to losing 2 of the 3 during one run. This is why I kept the E3 feedback implants to give the Overminds more life. Wraparound and particularly Swordsman becomes a nightmare when you lose a key programme so I'm going to be looking into what can be done about this weakness.

@esutter479 Thanks for your feedback and hope you enjoy tweaking the deck. I do feel Iain has what it takes to be competitive.

If anyone can tell me how to add 'Derived From' decks, id love to know so that I can add Nordrunner's And4omeda deck and Bluebird503's Andy variant. Those 2 decks both inspired this build. :)

11 Mar 2015 circle_breaker

I'm intrigued by the inclusion of Kati Jones and Easy Mark. Do you really find that you need more money with this build? I've been running a variant myself, and by the end of the game I find that I often have 20+ credits at any given time.

11 Mar 2015 Dr_Madhatter

``@circle_breaker` Easy mark is nice early game to help you get set up and it did prove useful on numerous occasions. It become less relevant in the mid to late game though. In fact, if I'm cutting cards for future variants it may be the easy marks that go.

Kati Jones on the other hand is something I will not be without in this deck. Yes you do make a good amount of money but kati makes you more. And that's never a bad thing. She is especially good against Weyland.

12 Mar 2015 mendax

In one sense I'm glad you won the final against me, because there's no way my very generic lists would have made as much of a splash on here.

13 Mar 2015 aero

This deck is fantastic @Dr_Madhatter. What do you typically look for in an opening hand?

13 Mar 2015 Dr_Madhatter

@mendax The final against you was intense! I hope we can have some more games in the future. I'm on octgn sometimes so maybe we can have a few games on there.

@ratamacube The Supplier is always nice to have in your opening hand and he is worth a mulligan for. Other than that, it's really important to get your econ going, so sure gambles/easy mark/daily casts are good to see.

16 Mar 2015 MasterAir

Good idea. I like this list a lot.

I'm a medium junky. You have some memory, so have you considered changing your R&DI for medium. Maybe use the extra influence for either a Zu.13 upgrade or a Stimhack.

I'm going to give this a go.

16 Mar 2015 Dr_Madhatter

@MasterAir thanks for the comment! I'd certainly be willing to test Medium but I don't think the extra programme will synergise well with Overmind. Also it's another 1-of which I would not like to lose! Though the spare influence would certainly come in handy. I'd love to fit a Scrubber in here.

19 Mar 2015 unitled

I'd heard about this deck, been meaning to hunt it down and check it out. CommissarFeesh pointed me its way :D Been an on/off fan of the old Iain since he came out, but I was typically running DLR/Keyhole style decks.

I've been running something similar to Nordrunner's Andy deck (I'd been meaning to do a DF/UC driven deck for a while), and the amount of money it takes a turn is sickening. It must be more so in Iain, I can easily see you taking 8+ creds a turn before you even start spending clicks!

I guess the issue for me is that Andy provides such a good start... I love getting The Supplier opening hand (will normally mulligan if I don't see it) as he gets your rig up and running for a bare handful of creds (which is great as you're not slowed right down early game). Plus, the extra 5 influence lets you put in some meta-tech too, Imp or Indexing or Keyhole or even D4v1d.

Obviously, you like Iain, did you try this same list out of Andy? And, more importantly, what was everyone else's face like when you took the top place using him?

19 Mar 2015 Dr_Madhatter

@unitled I have tested an Andromeda variant a bit. I took it to an 8 man SC, came 1st and really enjoyed playing it. The spare influence would definitely go on a D4v1d if I stuck with Andy. Its a powerful card, apart from that I feel most other additions would require quite a bit of other changes to the deck as a whole, which I wouldn't want.

I find that Iain synergises more with the drip econ compared to Andy. As in, if your unlucky in setting up, his ability compensates for that loss in drip econ. He also makes the corp think twice about scoring too early - a great help for this deck due to the amount of set-up involved to make good money consistently.

And yeah, Iain definitely got a few double-takes when he hit the table! :)

10 Apr 2015 unitled

So, I've been playing this deck a bunch more now and am getting a bit freaked out. It's not lost a game. I've even taken on 2 tournament winning decklists (one was undefeated on the day) and come away with wins.

My list is broadly the same as yours, I've got Hostage, Professional Contacts, some Dirty Laundries all in there minus a few cards you've put in.

The problem I have comes back to Iain, though... I feel like the deck, unfortunately, would be better out of Andromeda, not even for the ability (though I've taken a grand total of 2 creds from it over the last 2 games :P), just for the extra chunk of influence for some tasty cards; Utopia Shard and d4v1d would both fit right in.

Have you tweaked it any recently? I don't think I've seen much in the SanSan cycle so far that would really be a must include to be honest...

Congrats again on the great deck and the amazing performance with it :)

10 Apr 2015 mendax

If you're running Pro Co, I'd advise taking it out and putting in Symmetrical Visage instead, which will free up a couple of inf.

10 Apr 2015 unitled

Hmm @mendax on consideration I think you're right. SV is free off Supplier and saves a few dots of influence too, even if it isn't as good an effect as ProCon. It also means I can drop the hostages from my deck and grab some meta tech cards. I'll give it a go!

10 Apr 2015 Dr_Madhatter

Symmetrical visage is a good shout@mendax.

For my part,@unitled, I've not made many changes. Iv been in deckbuilding limbo for a while, experimenting with some anarch decks. I did toy with grifter for a while! Which was interesting as a pseudo desperado type thing.

In regards to the Andromeda vs iain thing, I would say if you want consistently good opening hands then andys your girl, but sometimes iain's ability, in the right matchup, can be the reason i won a game. Apart from d4vid, there's not much I really wish I had the extra inf for.

I'm glad your enjoying this new econ style as much as I am by the way. Great to hear!

27 Apr 2015 Dothanite

I want you to know that this is my favorite deck. Ever. I try tweaking it and can never find a reason to take cards out of this build.

Which is why I'm now running 46 cards. I took out the Easy Marks and am now running the newly-released Career Fairs. I feel like that it is a prefect fit for this type of economy and is suitable no matter when you play it. Other than that change, however, I've no idea how to improve what you've created.

My favorite part about this deck is that every time I lose, it's not because the deck ran poorly. It's because I could have made a better play. I love classic Netrunner, and Iain lets me play it.

27 Apr 2015 Dr_Madhatter

Thanks for the comment! As ive mentioned before, this deck is inspired by nordrunner and bluebird503's Andromeda builds, the few changes I've made are just my own preference. Career fair fits in very well and I too have dropped the easy marks for them. It adds a bit of speed to the deck which is exactly what it needs. I think I see what your saying about 'classic netrunner' in that the deck doesn't rely on trick cards or destruction, just (sometimes) lots of money and then choosing the right options. I still don't know if that's better though, haha.

27 Apr 2015 unitled

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but good ol' Iain still hasn't lost me a game. The guy is so solid! I've gone for Symmetrical Visage in there which is doing pretty well, can definitely recommend that over ProCon. I never had Easy Mark in in the first place so finding space for Career Fair isn't easy :(