One Smart Kid-Sophomore

tonybluehose 257

POWER + FUN, Chaos Theory is enjoying her time in her sophomore year of school. After making some adjustments and learning some lessons (well, hacking into the gradebooks), CT saw what could make her FASTER, POWERFULER, and MOAR FUNNER.

Often when the rig is set up, people will need to make a super server to try to only keep CT to one run a turn. Two ice servers don't do much against her. She does have to learn a thing or two about ICE with three or more subroutines ( Next Bronze can be annoying), but most of the time that isn't an issue.

Data Folding + Kati Jones + your recurring credit hardware keep the running going. Ghost Runner is there in case you need a fail safe. In all of my games I used Ghost Runner from time to time. I liked having it in there "just in case" or to help get Switchblade up and running faster.

Clone Chip and Trade-In exist as a "break in case of emergency." Should you need to find something or if somehow your Switchblade ends up trashed.

Having a two breaker set-up has been crazy fun. Overall I think "there's something here" and I'll keep experimenting.

If CT decides not to drop and and enter her Junior year of studies (or 3rd year (I assume for those non-Americans around here), I'll be back to report.

Time for Recess! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

12 Mar 2015 quiciuq

You have quite powerful stealth killer in faction already, which should do well in this deck. With so few events, it's worth to give Donut Taganes a try. All in all, fine piece of work :)

12 Mar 2015 tonybluehose

That's a great point @quiciuq, I really am partial to Switchblade, but your suggestion would save me some influence points. I wouldn't mind looking at that small adjustment--and Donut Taganes would be an interesting after school tutor for CT. Some good things to think about.

12 Mar 2015 akonnick

I played this last night with my glacier deck. The long game against this deck was tough. The runs just become so cheap and the runner was just sitting back collecting Kati and Data Folding money. Sage and Switchblade are a great team and there's not a whole lot you can do once this deck gets online. It also got set up faster than I expected due to the relatively low money requirements to install the stealth support system. Really cool deck and I'm excited to see the new and improved Sophomore edition at work next week!

12 Mar 2015 wyttyw

Inside man could be a good early eco for you since you run with so many hardware.I guess the data folding couldn't support the early eco beacuse it needs at least 3 turns to gain its install cost,which may cause a low eco period during which you may click for credit only to play a Sure Gamble,and you cannot always expect a Kati Jones in your beginning hand.Inside man will speed up your set up time cause you just need to install,search,install(with replicator and Inside man)the low cost hardware,and it increase the possibility of early eco.

12 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

@wyttyw What do you think should be replaced? Eden Shard and 1-2 Ghost Runner maybe?

Switching MemStrips for CyberSolutions Mem Chip might let you free up some influence and still have a crazy strong Sage (max 10 free with a full rig I think?), and with Inside Man the extra 1 is nothing to you. Another Silencer would be sweet, and you could even do another Switchblade and possibly ditch some of your recursion (every corp is going to expect the recursion out of shaper and play against it anyway).

12 Mar 2015 tonybluehose

@FarCryFromHumanTriple silencer would be awesome..."Oh, hi Janus 1.0, bye Janus!" A good point. In my first published version of One Smart Kid, Inside Man was also brought up. It's absolutely something worth looking into--my hunch is the slot (two slots?) would be a loss of Ghost Runner, though I find ghost runner really helpful early on.

BUT, Inside Man would then make Cybersolution make even more sense. I think there is definitely some room for tweaking here. A friend of mine was even suggesting swapping out CT for Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker. Which I think also makes sense.

There's a bunch of wiggle room here to adjust...hopefully CT won't skip her lab class thinking she already knows it all. Kids these days.

14 Mar 2015 Leviathan

Just wanted to say I love your fluff around this deck! :) Great writing.

Also, I've been looking for good CT decks after collecting the alt-art of her in the SC I was just in. I'm not that into shaper but I do love a 40 card deck (and stealth)! So, I'll be Tinkering with this deck for a while. (Like what I did there...?)