Off the Grid

jkzsells 75

The combination of two of my favorite deck ideas; Mushin No Shin/Off the Grid, and fortress Tennin.

 Tons of cheap ice, meant to keep them out of HQ  for the off the grid to take effect. Excalibur is a 3-of simply because i want it over HQ ASAP to protect my remote. Most games you can turn one Mushin an agenda followed by a protecting Chimera (just be weary of the account siphon against criminal, MaxX, etc.)

 All of the fragments are amazing to score first, Utopia means you dont need an amazingly defended HQ,you just need to make it taxing enough that they cant score the next agenda you Mushin. Hades makes is so you can recycle all of your economy that you use to fuel Off the Grid, or so you can dump agendas and shove em on the bottom of the deck. Eden fragment doesnt help as much, but the one or two credits every turn does add up. The Future Perfects are there because they're difficult to steal, although they do nothing for you if scored first.

 Shi.Kyu is an auto-include. They hit this in Archives or HQ, and they need to search for three three pointers, in a 44 card deck, made even harder by Hades fragment, Jackson Howard, and Future Perfects. It is almost always worth it to pay 5+ credits to ensure they pck this up as a negate point.

You are not trying to lock them out of RnD, your'e trying to lock them out of HQ. Make RnD as taxing as possible without keeping them from entering, and they'll keep on wasting credits on it, while you draw into Mushin and Off the Grid.

 One last point is that your games should not be going on too long. Rainbow doesn't work forever, and simply becomes a road-bump mid game, Chimera becomes useless after they get their breakers. Lotus Field is your only difficult breaker to pass mid to late game, which makes up for its large price to rez. Your goal is to put yourself on match point ASAP, and force the runner to take risks. Showing that you have your key pieces with Celebrity Gift, and forcing them to either build up for a huge HQ run, or continuously run on RnD. Early gae, they can't choose both.