Re-perfected Crusade v1.0 (2nd Adelaide SC)

ODie 713

Playing alongside pandaperson's "Dumpster Gamble", this took second place at the Infinity Games SC 14/3/2015, but first place at a warm up event two days prior.

Based on CerberusD's "Perfect Crusade", with modifications because I think that I'm cleverer than the UK 2014 National Champion and know Jinteki better than he does :-P

Dave notes that the Grim is a failed experiment looking to get in some #Mimic hate, but it does not work well with NAPD Contracts. This needs adjustment/correction. Also looking at the spread of ice strength it is all concentrated at 1, 2 or 4 which makes it look vulnerable to an Atman at 0,2,4 configuration.

The solution, I think, is to swap one Quandary out for a Viper, and the Eli 1.0 out for a Wall of Thorns. Then one Tsurugi drops for a Gemini which beats Mimic, can tax Datasucker tokens or draw two Stealth credits ahead of Komainu. Gemini is also far more resilient to Parasite than Tsurugi. Rather than Mimic hate, I ran Swordsman to try to counter Eater. Saw none on the SC day, but killed vs MaxX in the warm up.

Counter to @Cerberus 's thinking, you want the Celebrity Gift so as to show them that your Grail mean business. The thinking behind this is that, like Snare!, once you have shown that it is there, it is always a threat on the Runner's mind and so has done work.

Gemini was great against Chaos Theory in the first three rounds but proved weak in the latter part of the tournament/repeated games against the winning Andy Stealth build. Good against Eater builds, I feel, less vs Crim with link, but could tax Stealth credits if you can stack sentry ICE.

14 Mar 2015 Cerberus

Congratulations bud! Making changes is the right call. My deck definitely isn't perfect and people have different play styles. Really pleased for you :)

16 Mar 2015 ODie

Thanks Dave (@Cerberus), on the whole the changes were good, though of the two decks that I ran, this one fared worse(!) than my Runner, which dropped only the one game that mattered - the last final. Sad that I didn't do your build justice there ;-)