You Cold Bro? v5 (Clicking Hell)

Oisin 222

My take on Daine's Clicking Hell v1.3 deck. I'm a long time EtF player who has spent time playing a NEXT FA and an EtF FA and really want to see if glacier can make a comeback.

I would say the biggest difference in our lists is my inclusion of DBS. I also included a single Caprice, since I had more influence to play with than I had deck slots.

If glacier is going to be playable in the current meta, then I think this is the way to go. The Heinlein Grids will force the runner to use credits to break this ice, and this ice isn't cheap to break. My ice count is a bit low, but my hope is that DBS will get me to the ice when I need it, and to upgrades, economy, and/or agendas when I don't.

The economy might seem light, but if you read Daine's write up it should make more sense. This deck intends to play slow and deliberately. Again, I think DBS helps this strategy, since it can tuck agendas away in the early game while I am building credits and piling up upgrades. If the runner pays the four to trash one, then great! Install another and start again.