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CJFM 2251

The Corp counterpart to my Reina. This deck did about average, and was pretty much carried by my runner. I lost three of the seven games I played with Titan (there were 31 players, 5 rounds of swiss followed by cut to top 8.)

I was undefeated in top 8.

World's Angriest Bank

The deck is much like Jakodrako's Butcher Shop in that it runs Midseasons and blows you up with Traffic Accident + Scorched. It also takes the 1-off Archived Memories as a trick from his build (which uses Reclamation Order--as a note: reclamation order is probably better), which ultimately won me the last game of the day against Justin's Stealth Andy. The goal of the deck is to either score out normally, which is difficult (I did that only once the whole day) or to stick a Midseasons. The deck will give up agendas, but it also gives out Tag Vouchers, redeemable for one horrible, horrible death.


Over the course of the tournament, I lost to Kate and once to Leela once to MaxX. I Scorched another Leela, scorched a Kate, an Andy; I scored out against a MaxX, Kate is probably the trickiest matchup over all, since she can get in pretty much anywhere, but how worried you are largely depends on what you draw. Going for the score against Kate is tricky without enough ice, and the deck only plays 15.

Essentially, if the runner isn't running and is just getting cash, you need to pressure them into a slightly taxing remote to come get your agendas. Prepaid Kate has a decent time gaining enough cash, as does any criminal that gets the 'nut' draw. Generally, Desperado hurts the Midseasons Plan. Kati Jones is good to see, since the runner will probably spend some time building up, and you might be able to sneak out an agenda by pressuring them while they're poor.

Against certain runners, you can go for an early score. I was able to turn three score a High-Risk Investment against a MaxX because I knew MaxX usually takes time to set up (it was "Reg-Ass" style). After that, the game was basically mine. Against Stealth Andy, you can probably sneak out an atlas in a remote. But against Leela, you really have to play it safe. Make them run your centrals and find their breakers. Then, at about the time they're broke, start advancing in a remote. They either give you an agenda or they steal it and you Midseasons them. Seems fair.

I dread the Leela matchup. I even practiced against her the week before the tournament and was only able to go 50/50 against her.

The Ice Suite

Nothing too unusual here except maybe 2x Shadow. Definitely an All-Star in this deck. I opted for this after having terrible testing with Caduceus and wanting something better. My favorite play with Shadow is to boost the tag-trace once so that the runner either pays 3 or takes a tag and clears it (wasting a click).

3x Archer does what Archer does, and it's particularly brutal when a MaxX with a Mimic and a bunch of sucker tokens runs your remote to find that you've hidden a Cyberdex Virus Suite.

The code gates are pretty standard for Weyland and are some of the best for what they do. Enigma could be swapped for Quandary in some amount, but Lotus Field was great. I want to fit in another one.

The barriers are pretty standard, too. I am going to get rid of the Hive; it was way too expensive and a liability.

It Prints Money!

Unsurprisingly, Weyland still is the king of s. The deck plays 9 econ operations and Shadow sometimes nets you a few credits. Hostile Takeover is something you want to find early (especially against Leela) and get ahead on the credit race.

The Agendas

High-Risk Investment is the real deal. If you score this, you basically win the game. The runner will always be out-moneyed, since you can double their credits if at 0 with two clicks, and THEN Midseason Replacements them. Geothermal Fracking used to be Glenn Station, the sacrificial lamb agenda that you probably aren't going to score, ever. I never scored Geothermal Fracking either, but it does give a better upside if you do (which plays well with your overall game-plan).

Hostile Takeover is still great. It's best against Anarchs since it turns on Archer, but it's just a good way to get ahead on cash.

Project Atlas is the best agenda in the deck. If you can over-advance this once, you should be able to credit up the rest of the game and just be happy. The mere threat of Midseasons will keep the corp in their own shell, either allowing you to score out, or to panic them to run insanely fast and recklessly.

Death from Above

It's unwise to underestimate the power of Traffic Accident. This card is powerful in that it helps you dodge I've Had Worse so you can land your Scorched Earth. Similar to Jakodrako's Butcher Shop, the deck wants to power through the opponent's Plascrete Carapaces.

15 Mar 2015 TheComforter1212

Just starting running a Titan deck too, although mine has kill only as a distant secondary win condition. It's different enough, though, that I'm interested in trying it out! Big fan of the 1x Wendigo, too, although I have yet to do any real damage with it.

Quick question: when you say "if you can over-advance this [Project Atlas] once, you should be able to credit up the rest of the game...", what are you getting with the two advancement tokens? You already get one to fetch another agenda or the Midseasons, why a second?

15 Mar 2015 afishisborn

``@TheComforter1212` With double-countered Atlas, it's all but impossible not to have enough pieces in hand to kill the runner. With a single counter, it's still easier, but not as much of a guarantee.

@CJFM Please tell me you won at least 1 game with Psychographics.

15 Mar 2015 CJFM

@afishisborn unfortunately, no. Each time it was just easier to scorch them out. ;) I'm probably going to remove it for 1x SEA Source and the second Lotus.

16 Mar 2015 pandapersona

@afishisborn I played a similar deck and did score out via Psychographics in a match.

16 Mar 2015 Number1gun

I feel like Mark Yale would go great in this deck

16 Mar 2015 CJFM

@Number1gun We tried him, but it was just an extra piece that needed agendas scored. He got the cut for Crisium Grid.

16 Mar 2015 hi_impact

@Number1gun If @CJFM's deck ran False Lead with a more Snare!-ly build Yale would be better. As it stands the only counters to remove are off the Hostile Takeovers. You never want to Yale-munch High Risks or Atlas. That leaves Yale at Beanstalk levels, and Crisium definitely fits better with his Agendas.

And no, Firmware Updates + Yale is not good at all.

17 Mar 2015 Number1gun

Thanks @CJFM & @scourged makes sense.

17 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@pandapersona Woo!