No Credits For You (1st Place @ Store Champ New Zealand)

Linger 354

This deck is an inspiration of the Headlock Reina: How to Make Sure Your Opponent Doesn’t Get to Play Netrunner

I am glad to see that Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter is back to business! Another inspiration hit NetrunnerDB:

Macho Man Reina Savage with x3 Lucky Find

Here is some "silver bullets":

  • This deck is heavily punishing corporations which are poor on credits.
  • I have won local store championship against 20 players, Reina showed up a 6-0 solid victories
  • The hardest part to pilot this deck is an opening hand which should be adapted for the corp ID.

Main deck changes:

The true potential of this deck:

  • Eater Keyhole multi-access combo
  • Can't fish an agenda from R&D, its time to legwork!
  • Try to force corp to rez ice to loose credits otherwise punish them with lampreys and keyhole
  • Every card is worth it and you can play it when they are arriving to your hand.

Some thoughts:

  • 2 Kati Jones more than enough - the deck is solid with on an economy side.
  • I've Had Worse is a good protect

How to fight against these Reina decks?

  • Score agendas from the remote as fast as you can before the full rig hits the table [I have found a problem to fight against all 3 centrals and have a breaking ability to get to the remote]
  • Do not underestimate the [Enigma Ice] most of the eater decks based on face-checking run again model
  • Strong economy/glacier decks [BlueSun / Tenin institute]
  • Fast advance decks with a cheap ice [NEH - the hardest fraction to play against especially if it is a grail deck]
  • If you will lost the tempo you will lost the game / play aggressively careful!
16 Mar 2015 NinjaSonic

I too recently posted a list featuring the red headed runner. How good is Legwork? You can cut it and a Clone Chip (2 feels plenty) for a second Account Siphon. No love for Déjà Vu? It feels like it should almost always be a 3 of. You basically get an extra 3 copies of your best card. Recur I've Had Worse against Scorched Earth decks and Jinteki. More Account Siphons from nowhere to punish those that don't respect it with Eater. How is Liberated Accounts? I'm really not a fan of it. The first two clicks break even (6 to install and 2 clicks that could just be clicked for cash). I've found even with Vigil that Earthside Hotel is rather good. Vigil relies on your opponent (also think 3 is too many) and Earthside is a great turn 1 or 2 that can really let you snowball.

16 Mar 2015 Linger

@NinjaSonic Legwork is good with a Vigil card - if corp tries to not give you free draw you are increasing chance to punish him with a Legwork. Also I am thinking the Vigil creates a pressure for the corp player. And with over-protected R&D legwork will be a key to the victory.

Clone Chip is a pile of this deck and extra possibility to pass that rezzed enigma on a remote protecting agenda.

Déjà Vu good choice for this deck and can replace the Plascrete Carapace

Liberated is good for instant money flow to:

  • vamp
  • take credit -> keyhole through RD ice with eater meanwhile derezzing it with Crescentus
  • maybe it is partly "mental" effect but I am not using credit tokens on a liberated and if I am sitting poor in my bank the corp will be false lead that I am not heaving enough credits to afford next turn run.

Was thinking about a Earthrise Hotel - might be a good idea too.

16 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Okay how do you get unordered lists to work without breaking the card javascript? I have been trying to figure that out for weeks. Whenever I try putting anything inside a list element tag it always breaks the card link.

Otherwise, cool deck for sure.

17 Mar 2015 Brendan

How much use was Knight, in the end? 3 Parasite, 2 Xanadu and 2 Knight is an awful lot of deckspace that is useless against Blue Sun.

17 Mar 2015 Linger

@Brendan I have faced up only one Blue Sun that day. The Xanadu and Reina ability kept 'Blue Sun' ability useless. Eater Keyhole finished the job.

Knights was an emergency break through to the remote in case I don't have enough crescentus/clone chips. Which is not possible with david.

18 Mar 2015 Brendan

Blue Sun gets Xanadu Rex cost back - so it acts to make Oversight 1 credit better!

18 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

@Brendan While true, I'd argue the pressure of increased rez cost will possibly cause Blue Sun players to use Oversight AI on sub-optimal rezzes to avoid the tax; in this case Xanadu is still doing its job, and if it doesn't the 1 swing is annoying but not necessarily significant. Plus, barring recursion and luck, you only see 2-3 oversights a game. Every other piece of ICE is still rezzed at +1. Against all other Identities, it's just great.

18 Mar 2015 Brendan

@FarCryFromHuman Which tax do you mean? Xanadu doesn't tax Blue Sun unless they leave their ice rezzed (and they generally don't). Reina does, but only when running into ice.

I agree it's great against other identities.

18 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'm saying a BS player might use OAI on a suboptimal card on their turn to avoid not having enough to rez it on the runner's turn due to Xanadu + Reina. They are going to use it anyway, so giving them 1 free credit from Xanadu when they bounce an OAI'd ice back is not as big of a deal; they still lose the OAI and possibly can't use it later to rez, say, a late game Curtain Wall. It's a fringe case, but illustrates my point.

19 Mar 2015 CJFM

I love this list. Love love love love this list! <3 <3