Runner Shutdown

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Top Corp deck in the 2013-14 Season Three Tournament at Denver Central Games played on Saturday, January 25th. There were eight players. Its record was 4-0-1 in five games. Three were won through meat damage. The fourth was won in points.

I heard about this "broken strategy" on a podcast that didn't sound so good to me so I decided to give it a shot to see if it would work. It's been doing much better than I anticipated.

Main Strategy: Built to trigger a combo whereby you tag the runner and then play 2 or 3 Scorched Earths in one turn.

Sample Meat-Kill Methods: 1) Posted Bounty, Scorched, Scorched 2) Score ready-to-go Posted Bounty, Power Shutdown whole deck, Jackson Accelerated Diagnostics Scorched Scorched, draw, play Accelerated Diagnostics

Note: The following methods require the Runner to have run last turn.

3) SEA Source, Scorched, Scorched 4) Power Shutdown whole deck, Jackson in SEA Source Scorched Scorched, play Accelerated Diagnostics, play third Scorched from hand (if necessary) 5) Play SEA Source from hand, Power Shutdown whole deck, Jackson in Scorched Scorched Scorched, play Accelerated Diagnostics

Considerations: 1) You often can kill the runner in just two clicks. That third click and an extra Power Shutdown can sometimes be used to get rid of a pesky Carapace or Decoy. 2) Beware a Noise that can put out Viruses mid-turn and skim the top card off your deck mid-combo. Though, sometimes you can still pull it off (especially if that SEA Source is in hand). 3) There are very few ICE in this deck, but one big one will slow the runner considerably. If you are playing a Runner that can hop big ICE easily; you will are more likely to lose. However, if you draw like a maniac to get that combo while using spare Jacksons to cycle agendas back through you stand a good chance of winning. 4) A feasible secondary strategy is to get out a big ICE early and then quickly advance agendas behind it before the runner can get through. The agendas often help buy time for or trigger your combo anyhow, so there's less loss in attempting it. 5) Don't mess up your math (:

Math Shortcut: A guaranteed SEA Source will cost the Runner's credits + link (minimum 2).

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27 Jan 2014 db0

What do you do if they have 1-2 carapaces down?

27 Jan 2014 quizoid

Two Carapaces is a problem. You'll need to use an in-hand Sea Source or Posted Bounty followed by an in-hand Scorched Earth to pre-knock one out. If it's the cheapest thing out there, or the runner does not feel an appropriate fear of your capacity for violence, you can zap it with a spare Power Shutdown.

If they have just one, you'll need to play three Scorched Earths. Some methods to do so are in the description.

28 Jan 2014 apo

"pre-knock"? good runners take the damage on their grip first :).

28 Jan 2014 Maelyauna

About strategy 2)Score ready-to-go Posted Bounty, Power Shutdown whole deck, Jackson Accelerated Diagnostics Scorched Scorched, draw, play Accelerated Diagnostics

I've some questions: How is it possible to play Poster Bounty, Power Shutdown, draw and play Accelerated diagnostics with only 3 clicks? I do not understand how to do it in only one turn.

Additionally, when you draw one of those three cards, how can you be sure that it is AD? Jackson is making you to shuffle your deck.


28 Jan 2014 Larro

The Posted Bounty is already on the table and advanced.

The 2nd part of your post is accurate. No way to know you'll definitely draw the AD. You need an AD in hand, or go with Archived Memories.

29 Jan 2014 db0

This deck is shut down hard by decoys :)

29 Jan 2014 M3th

I used the power shutdown all deck combo last night on my weyland deck, amazing fun to see the eyes of the runner when you trash all your deck, then when he realized that you 'll be able to play SEA Source +2 scorched earth in only one click!! Very nice combo, but hard and long to prepared...have to be prepared to win with another way. But it's ready : BOOM!!

29 Jan 2014 M3th

But when it's ready: BOOM!!^^

7 Feb 2014 quizoid

Yes, Decoy is a serious problem. There isn't any redundant tagging. If this card becomes popular in your meta, this deck would have to be hugely retooled to include multiple tagging to remain viable.

Decoy also shuts down other cheap strategies, such as Beal / Mid-Season shenanigans.

7 Feb 2014 quizoid

Glad you had fun, M3th!

17 Feb 2014 TheSnitch

Any suggestions how to replace panic button and curtain wall? Still waiting for true colours....

20 Feb 2014 quizoid

I'd go for Hadrian's Wall to replace Curtain Wall. As far as Panic Button goes, there's isn't really anything like it. Perhaps you could add some more ICE in or out of faction as that's what this deck lacks in the most.