Reina - Keyhole Siphon

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Sojourne 65

High risk, high reward. This deck is entirely built for very heavy early pressure with Keyhole. Crypsis is meant to help you land Keyhole hits and siphons early.

The hardest part about piloting this deck is knowing when you have to transit out of Keyhole/Siphon/Vamp shenanigans, and into a more standard Anarch style of playing. Don't be afraid to trash Keyhole once you enter the mid-game, you are going to need the MU.

27 Jan 2014 wilk

Spinal Modem works very well with Reina, but I am kinda afraid to run it because of the popularity of tracing ICE (Shadows, Caduceuses, Data Ravens...). I would swap Vamps for Xanadus, but I guess it's a question of personal style and preferences (I've never been a huge fan of Vamp) or for Deja Vus. On the whole, the deck looks generally solid to me.

27 Jan 2014 Sojourne

Yep, the Spinal does increase the high risk/high reward idea. You could switch them out for Grimoires for more MU and lesser risk, but that's up to you.

Not sure about Xanadus, they are more of a long term thing and can slow you down at the start, the idea of the Vamps is to keep them down with cash from Account Siphon and/or Gorman Drip, And usually I don't bother clearing tags. Unfortunately, they do face the problem of being deadweight if HQ is shut out to you early. Thinking of changing out a couple of programs for 2x Knights somewhere.

28 Jan 2014 Alsciende

Keyhole is so good at repeated runs on R&D, and Crypsis is so bad at repeated runs on anything. Unless you can land an Account Siphon and prevent any rez on R&D, but that's a big if. Keyhole + Crypsis is expensive, by the time you have both the Corp will have money.

28 Jan 2014 Larro

I'd consider cutting the Crypsis for the Knights. Knight is a more efficient Crypsis and it helps vs. big Code Gates if you don't have sucker tokens ready.

29 Jan 2014 JWHamner

I agree with Larro. Ditch the Crypsis for Knights. I understand that as a virus it combos better with Djinn, but Knight is astronomically better at guaranteeing a siphon hit with unrezzed HQ ice.

30 Jan 2014 wilk

Forgot to write about that: boy, do I hate Crypsis in Anarch decks. :) I personally run Darwins and Knights, but I have a different build, with Surges. For your needs here, I think you will do well with 3xKnight, the only thing that worries me slightly is that Knight is very easily trashable.