Trick Of Cash

Pinkwarrior 2294

So this is the first draft of an idea i tested out at my regular meetup and was rather surprised it worked really well.

So here's how it works the deck use's any method available to score agenda's from NA tactics, double trick FA to regular here's a server with loads of ICE i'll score behind here.

The econ is mainly built off of the Constellation ICE with Trick of Light which pulls double duty as econ and agenda scoring card. Stick down your ICE, advance it to 2-3 agendas then res it either when the runner comes in or with Executive Boot Camp. Once it's up move the counters either by scoring with Trick or just move them to another ICE with Constellation Protocol once some counters are gone you can return the ICE for somewhere between 15-3 credits depending on how many you left on and the ICE.

Reclamation Order gets the tricks back these can score you plenty of agendas and even double trick Project Atlas is very powerful.

The Root is actually a card i am thinking of taking out i never felt the need for it and in all my games all it was was a 4 credit dump for the runner. I think i'll drop it for a 3rd Executive Boot Camp & Constellation Protocol.

17 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

How useful is Server Diagnostics for you? It seems anti-synergistic given how often you pick up and put down ICE.

17 Mar 2015 Pinkwarrior

@FarCryFromHuman Its very useful actually it's basically 2-5 credits for 1 click. The trick is you stick it down res it at the end of the runners turn using any root credits you have spare then gain the money from it at the start of your turn and return it to hand.