Ghost Runner (4th place SC Vienna, 15/3/2015)

Untergeher 255

My current Nasir build (no Order & Chaos). Won me three out of four games during swiss. The one game I lost was against NBN Making News (due to stupid stupid NAPD). I also lost against @PeekaySK (which can happen, I guess) and his ETF build during double elimination - same sad story: just couldn't steel the game-winning NAPD.

Overall I'm quite happy with where I am with this deck, but there are still a few card slots that I swap out occassionally. If you get the right combination of cards you're set up in no time thanks to Replicators and card draw!

18 Mar 2015 invictus_blue

Ever since O&C I feel like a jilted lover around Nasir. I love his ability, but between pay-to-steal agendas, space ice and a few other things I can't bring myself to push through with him.

Plascretes are something I never included, to my detriment.

Even if you run early, did you ever find yourself too poor to clear a tag at the end of your turn?

19 Mar 2015 Untergeher

@invictus_blueTo be honest: I found myself too poor a lot of times, but then again: If you time your economy resourses like Kati Jones well, you can get things of your Personal Workshops superfast.

An ideal starting hand includes a Workshop, but you're also hoping for some card draw (Professional Contacts e.g.) and you definitely want to see your Replicators early as well. They are key to this deck, because you want to get out your stealth hardware and your interfaces asap. It also makes digging for the breakers or SMCs much easier...

The two Plascretes were a necessary inclusion. What's great here is that: a) Your Replicator will fetch you the second copy in no time. b) Sometimes you can leave them on your Workshops until you really need them.

What I've changed in the meantime: I took out one Corroder and the two Scrubbers and replaced them with a Lady and two HQ Interfaces.

19 Mar 2015 Dydra

The deck looks solid, although I really wanted to make Nassir work ... I still feel he is 1 or 2 cards away from being tier 1 ....

My personal preference for him though, is to spread his "money" on recurring credits rig, rather than the "Kati" approach, in which u throw out some late game econ .... the reason being is that 1 late game ICE install can denie your Kati credits stack :\

1 or 2 cards away ....

Also btw, have u found out how Nassir works with SPACE ICE? Do u get the rezz cost printed on the card, or the current rezz cost with advances .... I assume the later, but still wanted to ask

23 Mar 2015 Untergeher

I still have to really test Nasir against space / cosmic ICE. And yeah, you only get the actual rez cost (which sucks) and not the printed one. But that's one of the reasons why I had included a copy Xanadu in earlier version of this deck...