GREAT DEMON soul sucking SPEAR OF THE HAVENS ... err, what?

Dydra 2773

I know I would regret posting a decent deck, with such a troll name, but just couldn't pass all the "new decks" names, that stink of cheese, more than a dead rat who overfed itself to death ... The "new decks" is in inverted commas as well, because I'm not cool with re-branding already existing for months/years stereotypes and calling them with "new" deck names.

Now, when I have this out of the way ... if you are interested in a strange deck, that is 5-0 currently.... have a look at this.

To me is pretty self-explanatory, with the only remark, that I was expecting this card choice from an Argus deck actually. To my biggest surprise, it works perfectly.

This is a solid horizontal play. Easy to push out an Agenda(s) early, many remotes to tax them heavy, netting you money with Paywall at the same time.

Mirror Morph is important here, because it gives you insane speed in setuping your econ/traps/ early agenda score and totally sends your opponent in WTF mode. When they check on some of your DRT they get really confused.

Also, the Snare! into 1-2 unchecked/unrezzed DRT , with potential scored Cleaners (and scorch follow up) is pretty devastating.

The 2x Constellation Protocol is there to move your already rezzed SPACE ICE on Searchlight/Shadow/Icewall/Firewall ... and to ease the process of rezzing space ICE in the early game. Moving 2 Tokens for 0 clicks is pretty insane though, and no1 will trash those cards ... especially in Gagarin deck :)

I really want to squeeze in a 2 x Patch, but the only card slots I see is -1 on Paywall ... that current is pretty amazing with this ID ...

18 Mar 2015 lostgrail

Interesting. Where are you putting your ICE? 1 deep on the remotes, or just centrals + 1 scoring server, and leave the rest bare?

18 Mar 2015 Dydra

Ice on Centrals + 1 remote ... could be possible to protect with 1 ICE some asset, or something which you find useful against that particular runner ...

I found out that a lot of people are not expecting Shadow nowadays and they run breakerless into Weyland ICE thinking that the worst they can hit is Enigma ... they lose time clearing up the tags and they should .... against this deck at least

18 Mar 2015 PaxCecilia

Looks low on economy but that's sort of your thing! I suppose you get away with out by keeping the runner poor checking remotes? Pay wall does serious work in Gagarin!

18 Mar 2015 Dydra

Actually, the runner is almost constantly poor against this deck ... I even played against a Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe last night, who on paper, should counter this ID.

I won by him not having enough money to steal my NAPD while blackmailing my remote :) And he had Daily casts, Kati , Sure Gambles ... the whole money sweet + the bad pub

As far as Econ goes ... PADs + Marked Accounts generate you enough money on top on the already amazing for this ID Paywall Implementation ... Furthermore the Constellation Protocol allows for you to use the already 2,3 advanced Star Ice to "free rezz" another Star Ice :)

To top all that, look at the ICE suit rezz cost, highest is 3 :) Don't know how you could complain about not having enough econ in the deck hehe

18 Mar 2015 Dydra

Pardon, the 1x Fire Wall costs 5c :)

19 Mar 2015 rico_dorito

This look fun! I'll have to try this one day.

19 Mar 2015 Dydra

the deck is immensely fun btw :) just mirror morph and them running into a snare ( after seeing a Marked Accounts Splash ... ) and rezzing up DRT can make ur day :)

Oh yeah, and each time when they say access you say " Give me a dollar! " :D ( 'cuz usually Paywall Implementation lol )

19 Mar 2015 linuxmaier

How do you score The Cleaners? It seems like you'd have a hard time getting to 7 points without advancing something on your turn; what stops the runner from just pounding centrals and keeping enough money to pressure your remote?

19 Mar 2015 linuxmaier

Sorry, mis-wrote there. What I meant is that you'd have a hard time getting to 7 points without leaving an advanced card on the table for the runner's turn.

19 Mar 2015 SlayerCNV

i don't understand how u can use the Scorched Earth without any cards for tag the runner...

19 Mar 2015 linuxmaier

@SlayerCNV Snare! will tag the runner.

19 Mar 2015 Dydra


It's very easy to push out The Cleaners early game ... you have a very rich combination of barriers + enigma :) Them leaving a tag from Shadow can be deadly too :)

@SlayerCNV What do you mean? There are plenty of cards to TAG the runner with

19 Mar 2015 pillowdemon

I think slayerCNV's referring to how the deck's kill engine relies on the runner's mistakes to get going at all. If you don't draw your DRTs or if you're forced to install them naked without tagging ice to protect them, then runners will just trash them and there'll be no other way to catch them off guard.

In fact, as long as the runner does not run 4th click against this deck and as long as they have enough cards to survive Snare!, they're generally safe, since you don't have a way to proactively tag them via SEA-Source or Midseasons, etc. They can just drop the tag 4th click and not worry about anything.

It also seems very hard to score from a remote with this deck toward the end of the mid and late game. You're pretty much relying on the runner to be reckless or multiaccess into 2 Snares! on their 3rd click at the earliest.

I mean the deck has some good ideas but personally I like the name better than the deck itself :)

19 Mar 2015 Cocko

@Dydra I came for the interesting name, as I was curious how you'd incorporate demons, soul sucking, and spear of the "havens" into the deck. I'm rather disappointed that zero of the concepts were included. If you could be more thematic next time you named your deck, the NetrunnerDB community would appreciate it as a whole.

1/10 tried to read your explanations, but couldn't get past your soapbox paragraph. (1 point granted as it appears to be a legal deck) Would watch your deck be trounced by a competent runner while you rage and moan about meta.

19 Mar 2015 Dydra


If you know the decklist inside out, yeah, you could play around it a bit ... If the runner decides to trash your assets (like DRT) he will be starved poor and that is your window to score,score and score ;)

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19 Mar 2015 Cocko

I may not have your long list of credentials (1594 NetrunnerDB points, nice), but bro relax. Bashing women hasn't been cool for almost a century, and it still isn't. We're all just here to enjoy Netrunner and have a good time, so just breathe. ;]

21 Mar 2015 4dd150n

I played my Reina denial deck against someone who net-decked this off you. The game went for an hour and a half! Haha.

23 Mar 2015 Dydra

@Cocko , I don't know anyone who would take that as bashing on women ... instead of bashing on trolls (except for the trolls obv) ... but hey, enjoy yourself

@Addison How did it finish in the end? :)

23 Mar 2015 linuxmaier

@Dydra I showed your comment to my wife and she immediately felt like you intended to insult women. It's not hard to see why: in trying to establish @Cocko as cowardly/a bad player, you asserted he did the kinds of things a woman typically does. That only makes sense if you think those behaviors imply cowardice. Don't be condescending enough to say it's unreasonable for people to draw the conclusion that you think feminine behavior connotes the bad traits you were ascribing to @Cocko.

Now you can go different ways from here. You can decide you don't care how people feel and say whatever comes to mind however you want. It's your right, just expect people to stop being interested in what you have to say.

Or you can recognize that without intending to, you said something hurtful and were a part of the system that has been maligning women and making them feel unwanted in our community for far too long. You can decide you don't like that and figure out why your go-to insult was sexist, and change how you talk.

If you decide to go the first route, accept that since you actively don't care about what might be offensive, you should trust others when they tell/moderate you.

23 Mar 2015 Dydra

Pfahahahahahah, you really make me LMAO .... I'm not going to dig into this, because obviously whoever moderated my comment, wasn't aware how troll that @Cocko is, since he neither has any listed decks, nor had his account created prior his troll comment ....

Obviously he is a coward or/and troll ... enough about that.

There is a reason, when someone is being coward, to call him being p**y, rather than the male counter-part. *Please remind that little fact, to your wife, next time she decides to feel like such comments are attacking women.

In the internet you can't see intonation and whatnot, but I will alloy myself to remind you something:

I'm responsible for what I say, not for how others understand it.

Now, think about it.

23 Mar 2015 linuxmaier

@Dydra As i said, the choice is yours. I'm done with your decks.

23 Mar 2015 Dydra

@linuxmaier I see, so you are the type who preach, but can't listen ... interesting ...

Anyway, enjoy your life, I'm sure you can survive without my decks :)

23 Mar 2015 pillowdemon

"There is a reason, when someone is being coward, to call him being p**y, rather than the male counter-part."

@Dydra - that reason is spineless shut-ins like you perpetuating harmful stereotypes from behind their keyboard, while distancing themselves from the ramifications of their own actions due to their own inability to comprehend what they're even doing.

You're like the idiot who yells fire! in a theater, causes mayhem for no reason, then says "I'm responsible for what I say, not for how others understand it." Wtf kind of logic is that?

Talk about cowardice.

23 Mar 2015 Chromatikat


say /sā/ utter words so as to convey information, an opinion, a feeling or intention, or an instruction

understand /ˌəndərˈstand/ perceive the *intended* meaning of (words, a language, or speaker).

So what you're trying to say is... you're responsible for the symbols you type but not their meanings?

So if I shoot someone, I'm only responsible for the movement I make to pull the trigger, not the fact that the bullet leaves the chamber and injures/kills them?

Adorably dense 'logic' you have there.

25 Mar 2015 Dydra

@Chromatikat - how did you reach that logic? The example with shooting someone is completely different and if you honestly don't understand the difference I'd be scarred for your family and friends.

@pillowdemon I'm a spineless shut-in? What are you then? Oh, wait you are one of the kids with the "original " deck names .... now I understand why you voice your opinion like that ...

25 Mar 2015 Chromatikat


I'm sorry you're acting this way. I was a fool to get involved. I'll just step out of here now :)

25 Mar 2015 PaxCecilia

Wow @Dydra, will be ignoring your decklists in the future :\ I would urge everyone to do the same.

25 Mar 2015 pillowdemon

LOL, this is the only recent decklist of yours that has gotten any amount of actual attention, and I think everyone here knows that's not due to the deck's power but its "original" name which you angrily copied from other users.

And now the only way you can save face in light of all your dumb comments is by acting like an oblivious, furious mysogonist on a card game website.

That's sad.

25 Mar 2015 ShinShade

I'm not taking sides here (who am I here anyways? first time posting and blah blah) but don't you see that this is ridiculous?

I mean, I'm reading some constructive comments on how would this deck perform, how would it stand against certain matchups and such, when all of a sudden the earth splits open.

Chill out everyone, this is for cards, not grudges...

I haven't read the [moderated part] but I can see some intention in the comment after that one. And right after, except for a couple comments, the stoning started...

25 Mar 2015 pillowdemon

@Dydra - how about you learn the rules of basic English before you bother using the language. Less embarrassing that way. It takes a special kind of stupid to willingly attach your name to that train wreck of a deck description.

Or...... maybe.. I'll use ellipses...... constantly... to seem.. more ....... meaningful.. and thought ........ provoking............ lm..a.....o.......

20 Apr 2015 dydra_is_effed

@pillowdemon rules of basic English or anything for that matter do not apply to me. I am the Dydra with a meta of five stuffed toys that I play against. And the special kind of stupidity is my something I am known for, havent you checked my recent posts!