SelfModifyingSil of Darkness...

John"Animal"McEvoy 1361

So ya... here you go...

Really didn't think it would get any attention... just trying something new.

19 Mar 2015 Dydra

When will you start describing how your decks work? :D

This looks interesting, but I have no clue about the Pheromones or the Blackguard ... which I guess you MO the money for

19 Mar 2015 moistloaf

Not even MO can pay for Blackguard.

19 Mar 2015 krystman

I have no idea what is going on here. Why is this getting so many likes? Am I missing something?

19 Mar 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

To answer all, I really didn't think this deck was going to get any attention, it was just a idea that i had, I'm not even sure if its any good :)

19 Mar 2015 Lemonbrick

I think its interesting, Sil is really hard to build. I'm not sold on quality time here, I prefer Earthrise hotel. I think sneak door is a must. 3 magnum in 40 cards might be overkill. the saved influence could by some juicy cards. You need to make use of all the extra information exposing provides - no point proving there is an agenda in a remote if you can't steal it!

19 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Overmind might do better for you than Crypsis early on... but really I don't see how you are going to have any consistency without some kind of multi-access. Using Blackguard and Silhouette you can force the corp to rez expensive ICE and then theoretically walk into a scoring remote... but I'd have to see it in action first and the setup time is a bear. Magnum Opus feels really good here though. I always hate the central breakers because they are so expensive, but 2 per on demand makes life a lot easier.

22 Mar 2015 metalblackbird

I played a similar Blackguard and central breakers deck. I found Quest Completed a really good way of grabbing exposed agendas.