Somehow this works v1.1

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So, uh, somehow this deck works.

Hokusai grid is most of your central defense. Server diagnostics is obscenely good. Hostile infrastructure will make imp and keyhole cry. You will fire the same snare multiple times with the ridiculous econ you have. You will executive boot camp for a Shi.kyu and ruin a runner's day. It will be great.

20 Mar 2015 PaxCecilia

Big thing I've never understood about IG decks: how do you get face down cards in archives? I've always thought you'd need Power Shutdown, Reuse or stupid power draws. I really don't get it in this deck.

20 Mar 2015 tdbarashi

@PaxCecilia I think it's because of the threat of including traps in archives in IG that players usually won't run archives so you'll have a lot of FD in archives just by drawing or jackson 2for1#Mindgamez

20 Mar 2015 x3r0h0ur

You basically need 2-3 to make it painful, 4+ is ungodly. I build one for my GF to use, she just overdraws with jackson, or doesn't play any/all of her subliminal messaging....s and discards them face-down. Jhow feeds the machine most of the time, and we had her go to 54 cards to help with the draw.

20 Mar 2015 whuppo

Turtlebacks instead of sundew?

20 Mar 2015 Pushover

Sundew is weak compared to #Turtlebacks since the runner can just declare a run on the Sundew server, denying you the 2c, whether they trash it or not. Most of the time as a runner, I'm happier losing a click to deny the corp 2c than I am to have the corp gain a little over 1c per turn. Also, the choice of money or a click becomes the Runner's choice, which is bad for you. Turtlebacks is also 2 more credits to trash, which is a decent amount more after the runner decides he has to flip up archives.

20 Mar 2015 GhostLooper

@Pushover whoaaa easy there tiger

20 Mar 2015 x3r0h0ur

Wall of text crits you for 4000, you die.

20 Mar 2015 Pushover

I have no idea why it decided to post a gigantic wall :< I think the # symbol broke it :3

21 Mar 2015 PaxCecilia

@Pushover if you use the # symbol for cards, it starts a dropdown menu after you start typing where you have to select the card you intended and press enter. It then fills out the rest. So if I want to link to Archer what I do is type #arche then once "Archer" is the only selection left, I press enter. It then replaces the #arche with the correct text to do the link Archer. Then you can change the text within the [square brackets] to put whatever you want.

Putting a # at the start of a paragraph does a headline

like this

21 Mar 2015 junkmail

`@PaxCecilia' You should be okay with the runner wasting their clicks on checking Sundew, you have other econ assets which will keep you rich. I don't think turtlebacks gives enough to be worth it over time, and a previous version of this deck used mental health clinic - I pulled it to have brain damage be a threat.

21 Mar 2015 junkmail

Oops. Last comment is for @Pushover, sorry. Anyways, I'm not using reuse because I need the influence and don't need the econ and I'm not using power shutdown because I don't want to mill agendas.

21 Mar 2015 Softman25

Needs more Space Camp - he says laughing heartily.

21 Mar 2015 lolpaca

Just wondering, isn't it almost impossible to score? Seems like a runner who's wise to your tricks could pretty much wait you out as all your traps depend on them running. Don't get me wrong, this looks super fun, but I'm wondering what happens if they just build up the cash to trash your Jacksons and eventually force agendas out.

21 Mar 2015 junkmail

@lolpaca Most of your ice and caprice goes in your scoring remote. That's how you score most of your agendas. This deck can score, especially with the threat of cerebral overwriter.

23 Mar 2015 ccie8020

I still don't understand the icing strategy. Do you Ice the centrals at all or just use upgrades to protect them. Do you use Executive Boot Camp to Rez the ice in your scoring server or just to tutor? Also, do you wait until your scoring server is setup before you Rez Server Diagnostics? Thanks!