Architect is a lame duck - Ichi NEH - Oxford SC Winner

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Vapo 1228

Architect is a lame duck - Ichi NEH

Winner of the Oxford Store Champ (24 players) 21/3/15

With 24 hours to go before the Oxford SC I was torn between Grail NEH and HBFA. In the end I decided neither was quite working out, so I thought I'd try and combine the best bits. A solitary test game later and a monster was born. I sleeved it up and hoped I wasn't making a foolish error. I mean, there must be a reason everyone plays Architect over Ichi right? Wrong.

Ichi 1.0 is quite simply the best ice in the game right now. It single handedly won me at least 2 games during the SC. Nothing else is close to as taxing long term while still having the potential to cause a very painful facecheck and being affordable for a fast advance deck.

The current popularity of Grail NEH plays right into your hands here because it strongly encourages setting up breakers quickly, and the go to sentry solution is still Mimic. Oxford's casualties included SMC, Torch and in one glorious 4th click incident with Leela I not only took out Corroder and Zu but managed to make the tag stick and on my turn I killed Kati too!

Lotus Field seemed like a better use of the remaining influence than Eli, it gives regular breaker MaxX decks a gigantic headache and doesn't crumble to Lady. (people brought up Cyber Cypher as a weakness a few times, but the deck has six ETR code gates. The moment you see CyCy, you rejoice and start scoring out of remotes)

22 Mar 2015 weepinggorilla

Your deck name is sexist, consider revising it.

I like the idea, might give it a try! I think architect rules, but you're right that it's so popular that everyone's ready for it. Interesting alternative.

22 Mar 2015 Oisin

I'll echo @weepinggorilla--cool deck, uncool name.

22 Mar 2015 emlun

@weepinggorilla I came here to comment on the sexism too, glad to see someone beat me to it!

22 Mar 2015 Vapo

It's a fair cop. I can only apologise for the name, at the time i was full of post-win smugness and it seemed like a harmless joke but you're all right it's certainly less than ideal. Unfortunately I can't find any way to edit a published list? If there's a way please let me know, ta.

22 Mar 2015 Vapo

Found it! Sorry again,

23 Mar 2015 leburgan

I love it. Everyone throws down their mimic feeling smugly safe about running. Going to try running with this one for sure.

23 Mar 2015 circle_breaker

...what was the deck name?

23 Mar 2015 ApeAsylum

But architect is one of the best ice in the game! girls should be proud!