The Switch Maneuver v1

LynxMegaCorp 1336

A split-path deck that aims to do whatever is most viable and can switch from one to another with ease.

Toshiyuki is the star here - the Runner pays 1 to access him, then 1 more to access the new card, forcing a minimum tax of 2 credits per Remote run. If you have another in hand, you can force the Runner to drain the credits unless the jack out!

You might ask why that'll be effective if they'll just leave the remote alone until you override - well, that's when Constellation Protocol forces another 5 credit tax, unless the Runner risks letting you build a very taxing server over Toshi.

The traps are there to ensure the Runner respects the risk of accessing Toshi (or any advanved remote), which can potentially allow CP to create monstrous servers. The mind games are real.

Its up to the board state to determine which path is better - Toshi in your score server or CP. This deck becomes a passive glacier deck as time goes on.

Econ is tricky - your main tricks thankfully are cheap to pull off (Toshi, CP), but some of your ice isn't. Aim to advance a few galactic ice early if possible. CP feeds off them.

Stockpiling while setting up defenses can allow you to take advantage of the Runner's plan - slow Runners risk allowing you to beef up servers with galactic ice, while rushdown Runners can trigger Punitive while broke (or, gods forbid, trigger a tag in any various way and get Scorched).

I understand that in a post-O&C meta both of these strategies have become harder to sustain, but a careful and calculated Corp should be able to find that balance between cat and mouse in this deck.

Sorry for the poor analysis - phone-posting because I really liked the Toshi/Gagarin interaction (thought of it myself, actually, while brainstorming, not to say it hasn't been discovered already!)

Comments greatly appreciated! I'm ready to test this out! If someone decides to do so, please share.

23 Mar 2015 LynxMegaCorp

Just realized CP interacts only with ice... Time to reevaluate a little...

24 Mar 2015 nikolausv

Seems like NAPD would take advantage of the double (or single) Toshiyuki tax.