Titan Supermodernism Toolbox

Sysp 1234

This is my first take on a new Supermodernism style deck taking advantage of Titan Transnational's great synergy with Project Atlas, trying to create a deck that have multiple roads to victory that it can take depending on the situation.

As with the original Supermodernism decks, the idea is to play very aggressive with scoring early, especially aiming to stick a quick Project Atlas to open up options in the midgame.

The money package is pretty light and mostly reliant on the crazyness that is Mark Yale coupled with Hostile Takeover and Firmware Updates. Remember that Mark Yale gives you 3 credits per agenda counter, so Firmware Updates yields 11 credits (-1 from installing Mark) plus an additional 2 credits if you sac Mark Yale. But it doesn't have to be the Haymaker all the time - even with a single agenda counter, Mark Yale is equal to an Hedge Fund that sometimes consumes a click and possibly some credits when he gets run on when put down face-down, bluffing a Firmware Updates or Project Atlas.

Remember that all the assets and upgrades can be used bait runs once you have created a scoring server. No one does this better than Shattered Remains of course... :)

It is easy to go overboard with toolbox options in a deck like this (especially with that Atlas ability, Executive Boot Camp and that 17 influence) so I don't think the deck is there yet consistency-wise, but it definitely is ripe with fun options and can summon a win from very non-threatening board positions.

Here are some potential lines of play that can secure victory, all of which are made much easier with a scored Atlas counter to find the missing pieces (or Archived Memories if necessary):

SanSan City Grid + Project Atlas train / Hostile Takeover / Firmware Updates

SEA Source + Scorched Earth + Scorched Earth

Runner walks into a Snare! - either Scorched Earth + Scorched Earth if tag isn't cleared or SEA Source + Scorched Earth if runner doesn't have time to draw up.

Runner steal a High-Risk Investment - Punitive Counterstrike + Archived Memories + Punitive Counterstrike (recycled).

Runner walks into an advanced Shattered Remains and loses Plascrete Carapace - either potential scoring window next turn or one dead runner.

Runner breaks into a remote, you sac Mark Yale - potential scoring window next turn.

I do feel that the ice count might be a bit on the light side and I'm also not superhappy with how expensive and non-punishing Lotus Field is, suggestions of stopping ice that is cheap and somewhat resilient vs Parasite would be appreciated.