My brain for your deck

dante77 1138

It's very funny deck, but it has a very high efficiency in milling (the average is two-tree cards per turn ).
Incubator + Gravedigger + AmpedUp can mill 5 cards.
Same Old Thigg - to play “I've had worse” or “AmpedUp”
Hades - how would someone got tired of waiting for the end of the milling process.
Incubator - an important virus growth is visible that force Corp for frequent purge. And this is the desired effect.
Vigil - believe me or not, but in this deck is doing the job. Corp panic draw a card and often got 5 on HQ.

11 turn to win HB (Hades).
9 turn to win Weyland - Titan (Hades)
10 turn to win NEH (Hades)

26 Mar 2015 Wookiee

Just a note - Cerebral Static is almost literally an autolose card for you when it hits the table. Maybe an Incubator that got big enough could feed Gravedigger to mill a bit more, but I'd put in at least a single copy of Darwin or Crypsis, so that you can run if you have to.

26 Mar 2015 dante77

Good point.
- 1 Gravedigger
+ 1 Darwin

30 Mar 2015 hsiale

You will not steal agendas reliably with a single Darwin that you cannot tutor. If you really are afraid of Cerebral Static, I think the way to go is to play you own currents.

31 Mar 2015 dante77

Thanks for advice. I add Itinerant Protesters to deck for happy milling.