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"But Dad, I don't wannnnnna go to Space Camp!"

Hey parents! Looking for a fun, educational adventure for the kids? Or maybe you and the missus just need a week off from changing diapers and breaking up fights? Well ship those adorable little meat monsters off to the Tennin Institute's brand new state-of-the-art Space Camp!

We at the Tennin Institute have teamed up with the Weyland Consortium to bring your children the ultimate space learning experience. The attractions and activities we've prepared are sure to Shock and delight youths of all ages, from our simulated "Wormhole Experience", to our zero-gravity play pits, where kids can chase each other around with virtual-reality space swords.

Children are supervised at all times by our friendly virtual camp counselor, Susanoo-No-Mikoto, or as the kids call him, "SooSoo". Rest assured that SooSoo will monitor your child at all times, and bring any little jail-breakers right back to camp.

So we hope to see you soon at Space Camp, where a secret adventure awaits behind every door!

-Jackson Howard, Program Director

27 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

The actual inspiration for this deck: Ready to run on Archives, Billy?

Thank you Perry Bible Fellowship.

27 Mar 2015 vor_lord

@Bigguyforyou518 I love the description, well done.

27 Mar 2015 Syntax

But Daddy, I wanna play with Junebugs !! :( :( :(

27 Mar 2015 lolpaca

Awesome description :D How much success are you having with it? I've been playing around with Space Camp Jinteki ideas for a bit now but never quite worked out anything that sticks.

27 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

When I opened my first base set, I saw Susanoo-No-Mikoto and knew that it was my destiny to pull off a forced archive run that would give the runner nightmares.

This is the first semi-serious attempt I've made at it, and while the deck doesn't have a strong kill potential without Snare!s and Scorched Earths, the Susanoo combo can be pulled off consistently and successfully. It definitely needs some tweaking, and I fully intend to bring this to a tournament one day and play it completely straight-faced (if only to bring a little more silliness and joy to the world).

That said, I'd be happy to take suggestions or answer questions. The only thing I will not compromise on is 3x Space Camp and at least one Susanoo-No-Mikoto . Everything else is open to change, even the identity (I may even consider switching to Jinteki Biotech: Life imagined soon for the Archive flip).

Some notes about playing the deck:

-I've found there's a LOT of econ, and unless you're getting hammered by something like Reina+Crescentius shenanigans or recurring Account Siphons, you WILL be able to rez the big stuff. It helps that there's nothing particularly risky to reveal with Celebrity Gift, so you can usually play it without reservations.

-Jackson Howard, while always our Lord and Savior, is even more of a workhorse in this deck than usual. Use his ability to overdraw into your Shock!s and Space Camps so that you can fill up archives quickly. If you're getting especially unlucky with his draws, you can always start dumping agendas into archives, and then trash him to nail the runner with a bait+switch on archives (they came for the agendas, but left with only Space Camps :D).

-Though back-breakingly expensive, Susanoo-No-Mikoto is not at all easy for them to get through. Mimic is still the most common sentry breaker, and Soo-Soo laughs at Mimic (once you have a Soo-Soo on R&D and HQ, they won't even be able to build up Datasucker tokens). At 6 to break for Eater and 5 for Faerie, it's not the worst investment you could make.

27 Mar 2015 invictus_blue

once you have a Soo-Soo on R&D and HQ, they won't even be able to build up Datasucker tokens

@Bigguyforyou518 Unfortunately Soo-Soo is unique so you can't have more than one rezzed.

27 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

My god, you're right. In that case, I'll probably take out a Soo-Soo, and possibly squish another worm hole in. Doesn't quite scratch that itch though...

27 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

I've got it! A plague of Bullfrogs.

27 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I second Bullfrog, and getting more Wormhole in would be really great. I thought there was another Archives trap coming out in SanSan but I am having trouble finding it. Inazuma and/or Whirlpool could also help stick it to the runner.

Anyway, I'd consider switching to Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions, it forces the runner to do what you already want him to do, and would let you play with a few more assets if you wanted to.

27 Mar 2015 vor_lord

How about Ronin? Hit 3x Space Camp in Archives and your Ronin is almost ready...

Wait no it was a Junebug!!!!!

27 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Recent changes:

-Switched one of the Susanoo-No-Mikoto for a Chum and changed the Neural Katanas to Pups (Neural Katana doing absolutely zero work without wormhole, and taxing me more to rez than it was costing the runner).

-New Agenda Spread:

Still not entirely satisfied with the ice spread.

27 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

@BW - I love the idea of Ronins and Junebugs, and since I'm usually only running a single remote, I can often bait them into it with a little setup and theatrics. What would you take out to make room though?

27 Mar 2015 vor_lord

I think the Ronin/Junebug idea is probably a different deck. Celebrity Gift would definitely go, and you'd go for more assets instead.

If you did it out of IG, you'd have a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation in Archives. Toss in a Cyberdex Virus Suite, maybe a Shi.Kyū.

But that's a different deck -- you probably don't run Soo-soo, your ice selection and agenda selection is different...

27 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Yeah, I considered Industrial Genomics, but I felt that the identity would only net me a single big archives run before the ability got shutdown, and Space Camp is more about repeated accesses than the brutal flatline potential of stacked Shi.Kyūs/Shock!s.

...Now I'm second guessing myself though, because even 2 or 3 fresh facedowns in archives can make those assets feel untrashable.

What about Replicating Perfection, with some spikier ice on HQ and R&D? It demands where Tennin merely suggests...

28 Mar 2015 evilgaz

Are you really attached to your Crisium? You could swap them out for 3x Caprice and have some more influence for sexy ICE?

28 Mar 2015 ashtaroth

I think you can ditch all the damage stuff (Fetal AI and Shock!) because you're not going to kill anyone. I'd insert Nisei MK II, it's the same points as is Fetal AI, but it has good sinergy with your ID. Maybe test out 1 or 2 Shi.Kyu instead of the Shock!, since, then you'll hamper the Runner progress and will still be able to net some adv-counters from the Space Camps. Shadow and Wormhole don't seem to fit very well in here, I'd switch out Wormhole for 1 Reclamation Order, to reccur those ToL, and Shadow for a Wraparound (which is somewhat good against Eater). I think Susanoo no Mikoto interaction with the Space Camp is killing in the late game. Maybe you're right and 3 is overboard, I'd try cutting 1. If MaxX is prevalant in your meta, switching Gila Hands for Chronos Project might be worthwhile.

28 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Thank you so much for all the help and suggestions. I've incorporated a lot of them, and I'm going to try to do some testing today on

@evilgaz, Great idea, I swapped out the Crisiums for Caprices, gave me a lot more room to work with.

@rui_barreiro_, I agree for the most part on the damage stuff. Since I'm not playing any flatline combos like Ronin or Neural EMP, I shouldn't lean to heavily on net damage. I do still like frequent minor net damage as a way to knock key cards out of the runner's hand, and to make them paranoid that a combo IS coming. I considered Shi.Kyū's originally, but was concerned that activating them repeatedly would drain my economy. But since I usually seem to be doing okay on credits, I'm going to test swapping 3x Shock! with 2x Shi.Kyū and see how it goes.

The agenda spread is now:

Since I'm leaning away from net damage, I'm going to test swapping out the Celebrity Gifts for Mental Health Clinics. I tend to draw more ice than I need for 2 centrals and a single remote, so I don't think dropping an extra econ remote with a ice taxer in front will be a problem. I might decide to take out the Medical Research Fundraisers instead though, both operations irk me in different ways.

The Shadows and Wormholes were in there because I wanted to make sure I had ice I could drop tokens on, but admittedly they aren't doing a whole lot of work, and worst case scenario I can just drop tokens on regular ice and ToL them off later. I'm testing out Wraparound and Reclamation Order. I have made a few nasty Trick of Light wins, but I've honestly never felt like I needed more of them. I'll try to play around them more.

Ice setup has changed significantly:

I flatlined a MaxX turn 3 yesterday when she naked Keyholed into a Chum/Pop-Up combo and thought she could just pay the Pop-Up tax. I think I can only get satisfaction anymore from jank of this magnitude. I'm a sick, sick man.

If I'm feeling good about these changes, I'll republish the deck, probably with a better Space Camp brochure.

28 Mar 2015 lolpaca

If deriving deep, abiding pleasure from Chum-Up Window is sick, I don't want to be well.

Also, unfortunately you can't advance regular ice with Space Camp (if that's what you meant) as it says "a card that can be advanced". I think you're gonna need a lot more advancable ice, or maybe some advancable assets.

28 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

@lolpaca Yeah, Space Camp is limited that way, but I actually meant the tokens from Tennin Institute. I'm fairly confident that by the time they start hitting Space Camps, I'll have something out. But if it becomes an issue, I'll revisit the ice like you said.

28 Mar 2015 cdwolstenholme

I took a very similar deck to the Oxford store champs, and went 3-2 (I'm not a great player). The major downside is Leela bouncing the advanceable ICE (e.g. Wormhole) and refusing to let you rez it.

29 Mar 2015 ashtaroth

@Bigguyforyou518 You can use Shi.Kyu's as Shock!'s if you pay only one credit, and since, as you said, your economy seems solid, you get what you want. In the Agenda spread you wrote Caprice Nisei, but you were referring to Nisei MK II, right? It seems that way.

I like very much your ICE setup, you have a lot of cheap early game ICE to stop the Runner, some mid-disruption and the top-end. With that said, your ICE is also very permissive, which is not good to trigger your ability, how's that going for you? I was sad when you ditched the Crisium Grid, I thought the interaction with the ID was really cool (and more safe to trigger, than a bet on a 33% chance). I think going for Health Mental Clinics is a bad choice, since you'll open up more servers and give away your ability, also danger-free Security Testings... Hmmm... what do you think?

29 Mar 2015 pbrand

IMO this deck needs a Kitsune or 3 to ensure the runner truly never does leave Space Camp, even if Space Camp is in HQ.

30 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

@rui_barreiro_ Yeah, I've been doing the 1 for 1 net damage with Shi.Kyūs, and it works fine as long as I'm not getting slammed. It will also potentially allow me to threaten agenda damage if I have truly expendable income, although this hasn't really happened yet.

And yeah, I definitely meant Nisei MK II. I hate how you can't edit these damn things :D

I'm pretty happy with the ICE setup. Between ETR subs and Susanoo, more than half of the ICE won't actually let the runner through. That said, I'm generally of the philosophy that you tax the runner on centrals, and you stop them dead on your scoring remote. I'm perfectly fine with Tennin Institute's ability not firing if it's causing moderate net damage or credit swings. If you think about it, technically a run on archives is always permissible, and it's never going to flatline them. That doesn't mean the runner will think of it as an especially attractive way to prevent me from getting a single agenda counter.

A central or econ remote with a mere Pup and Pop-up Window protecting it would cause a 4 swing in my favor. With a Mental Health Clinic behind them, that run is going to cost them 7 to stop me from getting 1 a turn (and they're sacrificing that sexy hand-size boost). I see this as a perfectly acceptable transaction :^) As for security testing, doesn't the naked archives already open myself up to that? As soon as I put a piece of ICE in front of archives, Susanoo-No-Mikoto loses all its bite =/

The Crisium Grid synergy was delicious, but the deck is definitely hurting for influence. I could still sacrifice some of the ICE variety to put them back in, but frankly I don't see Caprice Nisei as objectively worse than Crisium, since she is arguably harder to trash, and can theoretically tax the runner (or even guarantee a run-end, if the runner has blown their credit load by the time they get to her).

@pbrand, I like where your head is at, but I think that might be too janky even for me. You're talking about a (and possibly a or two) to install the Kitsune, and then 2 more s to rez her - all to set up a one-time trip to Space Camp. It's hilarious, but I don't think I can justify it.

21 Jun 2015 DJP

@Bigguyforyou518, I love your concept. The reason why I am here is because I have had the exact same thoughts. I might put my pen to paper and see what I can come up with

17 Mar 2016 The Lord of Hats

Have you considered Marcus Batty for the additional "BACK TO SPACE CAMP WITH YE" factor?

18 Mar 2016 Bigguyforyou518

@The Lord of Hats I haven't, but that could be a hilarious way to fully advance an agenda that they were trying to run on and steal.