Cake or Death (and We're All Out of Cake)?

Scud 325

You know what's hilarious? Advancing a facedown Woodcutter. Also? Rezzing a Susanoo-No-Mikoto when your Archives is filled with Shock!s and Space Camps. Also? Using Corporate Troubleshooter, which everyone has apparently forgotten is a card, to ram Shinobi down the Runner's throat or, you know, pumping a Komainu to unbreakable levels when you have a scored House of Knives.

This deck is designed to kill the Runner after they feel relatively safe. You want to rez ICE accordingly: don't reveal Shinobi, Susanoo-No-Mikoto, or Woodcutter unless you'll get the kill (or close enough to it that the Runner will have to spend a lot of time recovering).

If you are super-duper worried about Eater + Account Siphon/Wanton Destruction/etc. shenanigans, drop the Woodcutter and both Pups for 3x Crisium Grid. You may also want to get a second Swordsman in there.

You don't even need to ice up Archives (unless you're afraid of Sneakdoor Beta) because once you have Space Camps in there you get your advancements anyway (although they have to go to an advancable card, but still).

29 Mar 2015 Okram

Troubleshooter is a very good card in this deck, but space camp not so much i think. Not enough ice to advance to make it really good. Woodcutter is good, but way too expensive in influence... with trick of light, you can only score HOK and Philotic from hand, maybe some braintrust can help you win by scoring in case you got trouble killing the runner.

30 Mar 2015 vor_lord

So you can advance an unrezzed Woodcutter from your ability, but not from Space Camp. What are you primary Space Camp targets?

3 Apr 2015 Scud

I mostly use Space Camp on Ice Wall. See, the thing is, once they see the Space Camps in the Archives, along with Shock!, they have to weight the odds that any facedown ICE is advancable and do they want to give me 1-3 "free" advancements. Yes, it's possible I don't have one of the walls on the field BUT there's also nothing like an Ice Wall with 6 advancements on it.