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cockator 4

So this deck revolves around fetching djinn and getting virus program so the corp will have a bad time, also to save som MU Djinn host 3 piece of non ice-breaker program so he could also host a magnum opus or a Cloak.

And get Cyber-Cypher out and start running on R & D to scare them. They ice it up pretty tight just grab another one and start running on HQ or a remote sever. the Paintbrush helpes out with fixing all the ICE to Code Gate types.

PS: This is my first Runner deck i have built :)

Feedback is most welcomed!

29 Mar 2015 Okram

Hi, in my opinion 3 cyber cypher is too much, you should remove some, because you still got clone chip and SMC to get them. Scavenge can be a good addition, as it allow you to change cyber cypher targeted server, and you got a lot of programs to make a good use of it.

29 Mar 2015 Okram

Also 2 djinns are not necessary, you can tutor it with SMC or test run if you choose to include it. Yog is very powerfull in kit decks, espicially with dinausaurus, try it! And tinkering help you deal with unrezzed ice, to change them into code gate.